Great Monospaced Fonts for Designers To Use In 2022

In a time of great diversity, the Internet is full of monotonous and even boring fonts created in accordance with strict proportions. And if a designer wants to use something unusual and interesting, then it’s time to turn to monospace fonts! The use of such an element will allow you to stand out from the crowd, attracting the eyes of customers with old-school style combined with minimalism.

Finding high-quality and affordable fonts is not so difficult if you know where to look: for example, the Sans Serif collection from MasterBundles will appeal to everyone! However, before exploring all the popular options, let’s first understand the features of monospace fonts and why you should use them.

What’s a Monospaced Font?

In simple terms, a monospace font is an old-fashioned font that was originally created with typewriters in mind and has exactly the same width of each character. Despite the fact that no one uses typewriters and the rules for font width are no longer relevant, some users consider monospace to be an immortal classic.

Undoubtedly, modern proportional fonts are now in trend, they are called more “readable”. But sometimes a monospaced one is simply indispensable when you need to give the platform the right look! Here are a few popular sites that use a similar font:

  • Nick Radio;

image8 Great Monospaced Fonts for Designers To Use In 2022

  • Baugeld Spezialisten;

image4 Great Monospaced Fonts for Designers To Use In 2022

  • Pro Battlestation.

image5 Great Monospaced Fonts for Designers To Use In 2022

Why Use Such a Font?

If the reader is still in doubt about why to use old-school monospace fonts from the MasterBundles collection or other sources, then here are a few reasons why this element has great creative potential:

  • uncomplicated look and easy-to-perceive design: as a rule, all monospace fonts are just perfect for those sites that are developed in minimalism;
  • they allow users to get a little nostalgic, remembering the good old days when CRT screens were just starting to appear;
  • this element will do a great job of recreating typescript or code when it is needed for a vintage design or decoration of any IT item.

By the way, a few words more about the last point: many programmers prefer monospace fonts, as they contribute to the readability of the written code. And now it’s time to analyze which Sans Serif and Serif fonts you can use in your work!

Explore The Best Monospaced Fonts

Curiosity Monospace Sans-Serif Font

image1 Great Monospaced Fonts for Designers To Use In 2022

This font definitely cannot be called classic, because each letter’s design is far from traditional! However, it still remains monospaced and is excellent for presentations, custom website designs, and more. Slightly jagged outlines of characters, numbers and special characters look very interesting and draw attention.

Ingenue Monospace Sans-Serif Font

image6 Great Monospaced Fonts for Designers To Use In 2022

Ingenue is already closer to the classic design — smooth lines, neat design, clear contours of letters just scream about minimalism! This font will be a good addition for designing resources, infographics and presentations where strictness is important, but the artist wants to add a little personality. Please note that the set contains only monospaced capital and small case letters (no numbers or special characters).

Placebo Monospace Sans-Serif Font

image2 Great Monospaced Fonts for Designers To Use In 2022

The Placebo font is trendy — creating this element, the designers tried to ensure that users faced minimal eye fatigue when reading it. The glyphs are nearly uniform in width, resulting in incredible line definition and excellent legibility. This font will be the number one choice if there is a large amount of text on the site or on any graphic object.

Plethora Monospace Sans-Serif Font

image3 Great Monospaced Fonts for Designers To Use In 2022

Many users think that if a font is monospaced, it looks a bit “square” — but it’s not! And Plethora set with elegantly elongated letters will easily prove to you the. Typically for this typeface, small case letters are almost identical in design to large case letters: the only difference is the size of the character.

Volcano Monospaced Sans Serif Font

image7 Great Monospaced Fonts for Designers To Use In 2022

Soft, flowing and rounded monospace font Volcano is perfect for various headers and large inscriptions. The set contains both uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and special characters. As the font’s designer points out, the inspiration for its creation came from studying the inscriptions on cabinets in vintage music stores.

Petrichor Monospaced Sans Serif Font

image9 Great Monospaced Fonts for Designers To Use In 2022

Petrichor is another member of the “monospaced fonts” category that deserves the exclusive attention of platform customers. Standard letters, numbers and punctuation marks are neat and clear, the contours of each character are even and do not allow the eyes to get tired when reading such a font.

Final Thoughts

Due to their simplicity, consistency, and practicality, monospace fonts remain popular among web designers, programmers, and even simple customers. That’s why you don’t have to resort to extravagant fonts with a lot of curls or broken outlines to create a readable and pleasing design — just use monospaced elements which successfully combine simplicity and attractiveness! Be sure to check out the range of MasterBundles to choose the best item among a fairly wide assortment.