14 Newest Signature Fonts for Designers

Fonts are always an essential part of any project that graphic designers take up. There are so many fonts that a designer can choose from, and new fonts are always being created and distributed on the market. Fonts set the right kind of mood whenever any project is concerned, whether commercial, professional, or personal. Moreover, it is crucial to select the right kind of font to create the right first impression. In addition to this, signature fonts are generally preferred when it comes to logo design, stationery, branding, and more.

Here, we have created a list of signature fonts that the designers can choose from for their projects. Signature fonts are the kind of fonts that appear similar to the hand-written fonts and scripts. A hand written font generally features rough textures, dry strokes, and sharp curves that set it apart from the rest of the fonts. Let us dive a little deeper and find the right kind of signature fonts for your next project.

1. Onelove Calligraphy Script:

Onelove calligraphy script

Onelove calligraphy script font is a hand-written font style with beautiful curves. It offers a striking and elegant hint to the text. Additionally, it also offers a lot of readability whenever used in projects with a lot of textual content. With the kind of curves and strokes it has, it can be included in many projects. For instance, you can use it in quotes, products, and business branding, watermarking, designing invites, labels, social media posts, ads, and more. As it gives your project a sense of the hand-written text, it gives the text a personal touch. Moreover, some doodles are also a part of the text. You can download the fonts in the OTF and TTF file formats.

2. NightCall Script:

Nightcall Script

Designed by Picatype, NightCall script font is a premium font which has been made available for download through individual sources. The script offers a modern styled font that has regular, upright, and bold edifice to it. Nightcall offers a casual and pretty appearance along with the strokes and swashes to the project it is used in. The kind of curves and strokes it has gives a sense of personal touch as it looks similar to hand-written calligraphic fonts. Because of its elegance and impeccable appearance, you can use it in signatures, logo designs, wedding invites, and more. You can also put it on books, magazines, social media posts, quotes, postcards, covers, and on a lot of other things. The fonts come in the file formats OTF and TTF, which makes it easier for use.

3. Dattebayo Signature Font:

Dattebayo Signature font

When you want the fonts to address the aesthetic purposes, you should always give Dattebayo a try. The Dattebayo signature font offers a kind of seductive typeface that can be paired with sans serif font. It comes with 864 ligatures and 1100 glyphs, which makes it a multipurpose font. The font gives a personal touch to all the projects in which it is used. You can use the font to design logos, business and visiting cards, advertisements, quotes, packaging, and more. The thickness of the font strokes changes as the character advances. This font case comes with uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, punctuation marks, symbols and supports multiple languages. With TTF and OTF file formats, these fonts can be used in multiple kinds of projects.

4. Memory of 2018 fonts:

Memory of 2018 fonts

Khurasan gave the world these fonts called Memory of 2018 fonts. It is a high-quality font that flows like a natural hand-writing. The fonts have elegant curves and swashes that give the projects an appearance of style and modernity. You can use the fonts in various projects like logo design, invitation cards, social media posts, and more. It offers the look of the text like some calligraphy artist has offered his creativity to the project. You can check out the fonts on the link provided here. With the versatility of the fonts, you can use the fonts for personal, professional, and commercial projects. You can access the fonts using the link we have provided here. With TTF and OTF file formats, you can use these fonts in various projects.

5. Lovely Valentine Font:

Lovely Valentine Font

Lovely Valentine font is the type of font that gives a casual appearance along with being stylish. The strokes at the end of the fonts form a heart that justifies the name of the font. These font characters have a similar stroke thickness everywhere, unlike other fonts with varying thickness. Because of the connected characters, you can use these fonts wherever you need to decorate. For instance, you can use these fonts to write invites, card insides, design a logo, or social media posts, product packaging design, greeting cards, and more. When you download the font, it comes with TTF and OTF file formats, which are suitable for use in various projects. Use the link that we have provided here to access the fonts.

6. Get Show Font:

Get Show Font

Get Show offers a casual style script font that offers an appearance of hand-written letters. You get to access uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols when you use this font. Suzuran was the one to create this script. Because it supports all the cases, numbers, and symbols, you can use this font in a large variety of projects. It offers a very fresh outlook on the project in which it has been used. The font has thick strokes but very easy-going swashes that offer it a very easy-going yet clean look. Cafes can use this font to highlight their menus, and it gives it a refreshing style. You can use this font in places like café menus, social media posts, logo design, greeting card designs, invitations, and more. The fonts come in OTF and TTF file format.

7. Marlena Font:

Marlena Font

Marlena has been designed with the idea that it has very stylish curves that look like it has been written by a human hand. The swashes have a varying thickness to specify the elegance of it. It has a calligraphic style that looks beautiful on everything wherever it is used. You can use this font on greeting cards, branding products, and stationery, quotes, social media posts, posters, and more. These fonts can be accessed using the link we have provided here. The fonts come in TTF and OTF file formats, which makes it easier to use.

8. Autumn Embrace Floral font:

Autumn Embrace

We all love fancy fonts, and when it comes to wedding and festive decorations, nothing suits better than a font that is aligned with the purpose. And for such occasions, Autumn Embrace floral font is the best you can lay your hands on. Autumn embrace floral fonts have very stylish swashes, and there is one thing that is utterly beautiful and stunning about these fonts. The first character of the word starts with a flower attached to the character. You can access these fonts using the link we have provided here. These fonts can be put to use on wedding invites, social media posts, festive greetings, and more. The fonts come in OTF and TTF file format, which makes it easier for you to use.

9. Shathika Modern Script:

Shathika Modern Script

Shathika modern script is a calligraphic font that is shared by Yunita Ecy. It offers a professional modern font script that looks like hand-written font. You can use the font to generate stylish letters and textual content. It has very artistic strokes and swashes which curve extensively at the beginning and the end of the font. These extended strokes offer a very stylish, immaculate, and elegant appearance that looks great on personalized projects. But it can also offer justice to commercial and professional projects. You can use these fonts extensively to design greeting cards, wedding and engagement invites, logo design, and more. Also, to design menus, posters, product designs, you can use this font style. The fonts come in OTF and TTF file format, and hence it is easier to use them in various projects and places. You can access the fonts using the link we have provided above.

10. Brittany Signature Script:

Brittany Signature Script

These fonts in the script include fashionable and sophisticated font styles that offer distinct curves and ink flow with a lot of elegance. The package includes web fonts, glyphs, ligatures, and multi-language support. With its sophisticated curves, it has the ability to make every project look elegant. You can use the fonts in projects like wedding cards, logo design, greeting cards, watermark, stationery, café menus, and many other places because of its style. Since the fonts come in the OTF and TTF file format package, you can use them in various places. Through the link we have provided, you can access the fonts.

11. Aperto Fonts:

Aperto Font

Aperto fonts are also one of the most stylish yet elegant fonts you can use in various places. With its ligatures, uppercase and lowercase alphabets, you can use it for varied purposes. The fonts are versatile to be used in the textual content of the long-form. It offers a hand-written style of fonts, which gives each project a personal touch. You can access the fonts using the link offered here. As the fonts in the package come in OTF and TTF file formats, you can use it anywhere. The fonts can be placed in greeting card insides, invitations, decorations, logo designs, social media posts, and more.

12. Noble Company Font:

Noble Company Font

Noble Company Font is inspired by vintage style fonts that offer a project a retro look. It has been adopted from the 1871 project, which comes with hand-written monoline script styles. The font comes included with two styles called rough and regular. These fonts are known to offer a hand-drawn appearance that you require when specific projects are concerned. The fonts in the package come with cursive fonts and the regular disconnected fonts in uppercase and lowercase forms. It also includes numbers and symbols; hence you can use the fonts in various places. You can use the fonts in designing the menu cards, social media posts, logo designs, wedding invites, package designs, and more. The fonts come with OTF and TTF file format, which is easy to implement with any system. You can access the fonts using the link provided here.

13. Barcelony Signature Fonts:


Barcelony is another signature font in the list and offers elegance along with smooth transitions between different characters. It is a monoline script font style that has uppercase, lowercase, symbols, and numbers. Barcelony also supports multiple languages; hence you can use it in projects that use different languages. You can use the fonts in branding, logo design, website logos, social media posts, stationery, watermarks, and more. The fonts can be accessed from the link we have provided here. As the fonts are in the OTF and TTF file formats, they can be integrated anywhere.

14. Wonderfall Script Font:

Wonderfall Script fonts

Wonderfall script font is a very peculiar font style where the letters are not connected to each other as they generally are in calligraphic projects. The font includes special characters, symbols, numbers, uppercase, and lower case letters. When you download the package, it consists of OTF files, web font files, and TTF files that you can easily integrate into different projects. You can use the fonts in logo design, advertisements, letters, greeting cards, wedding invites, and more. Wonderfall script font can be accessed using the link given above.


Fonts are the first to create an impression in the onlooker’s mind. Hence, you must select the right kind of fonts that are relevant to the project. These fonts are the latest signature fonts that you can use in various projects. Moreover, the fonts listed here can be used to offer the projects a personal touch. In addition to this, these fonts are in trend. People used times new roman and specific old fonts for logo design and designing various trademark symbols until years back. But now, the logos have turned a little casual and easy-going. They don’t look like they are sternly placed in the face when you look at them. The fonts these days wear a friendly and amicable appearance, which looks more approachable. Hence, the designers can always come to this blog to use the fonts listed here.