Guide to Mobile LED Screens

Mobile LED screens are growing in popularity across the globe. Their size, visibility, and ease of use make them a popular choice for many applications. Learn what you need to know about this fast-growing trend.

What is a mobile LED screen?

A mobile LED screen is an LED video wall that is fabricated onto a truck or trailer. Traditionally, video walls are transported in flight cases as individual panels and temporarily fabricated onsite. Mobile screens, on the other hand, remain built out – saving setup time and money.

What are mobile LED screens used for?

Mobile screens are usually used for outdoor display to large crowds of people. LED technology ensures that the screen can be seen clearly under bright sunlight. Some popular events that utilize these screens include tailgates, concerts, fundraisers, drive-ins, and community events. Mobile screens for drive-in events such as drive-in movies or concerts are a growing trend amidst the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) because they aid with social distancing.

Examples of on-screen content include movies, TV, advertising, messaging, and live data such as scoring or weather alerts. They can be used to generate revenue from advertising, to drive ticket sales, and elevate the attendee experience at events.

How to source a mobile display

If you are looking to use a mobile display at your next, you have the option to rent or purchase the screen. If you only need the screen once or twice a year, a rental will be more cost-effective. If you use it 3 or more times a year, than we suggest considering the purchase of one. When looking for a mobile screen provider, make sure that they service your area. Also check their reviews and consider getting quotes from multiple companies.


Mobile LED screens are an increasingly popular way to market to and entertain large outdoor crowds. Their mobile design allows simple setup and operation, making them a popular choice for production professionals, event planners, businesses, and entrepreneurs. If you are looking to capture an audience, consider renting or purchasing one for your next get-together.