The Importance of Confirmation Emails

When executed properly, confirmation emails start specific actions by consumers. Email is the most promising digital marketing resource available. It’s wise for business owners, website designers, programmers and marketers to grasp the importance of email and communication.

Benefit of Email Confirmations

An online business, lacking face-to-face interaction, has a higher responsibility to CRM. When a customer receives an email response, it shows you’re paying attention. In an often frustrating world of commerce, a customer greatly appreciates this.

Creating Exceptional Confirmations

You want to create engaging and informative confirmations. There are apps which simplify the process of staying in touch with your customer base. Depending on your app of choice, you get templates and wizards for producing sound respondent contact and support. Apps make confirmation and notification elegant and professional. They support standard web formatting. You’re able to tailor emails unique to your company and your customers.

- Apps can create an experience that algorithms won't read as unimportant. Consumers don’t like to search and find. They rarely look for confirmations in Spam or Promotional tabs for expected emails. Plus, you don’t want to frustrate them by making your response hard to find. Apps are instrumental in creating emails that end up in the primary inbox. - A submission for action or support on your part needs quick management. Yes, you can say you are in receipt, but don’t leave the customer waiting. This is detrimental to CRM. Make sure your response tells customers what they need to know and what they can expect from you. Don't promise the world.
- Apps make for a fast marketing opportunity. With high open rates, email confirmations aren't simply a response to a request. They are the best place for info and CTAs.
- The customer needs to know: Did their submission get through? An email that confirms receipt promises relief and confidence.
Impact of Confirmations

Kajabi says knowing “how to write fantastic confirmation emails … will delight your customers while also encouraging them to convert.” When a customer reads that response, the business demonstrates their respect and value for their consumers.

It also functions as a promotional tool that influences reputation and sales. Word of mouth is any industry’s most important asset. Consumers associate content with services. They social media their opinions and, as studies show, that impacts other consumers. Confirmation emails maintain relationships, boost bounce rates and stimulate conversions. This is directly tied to customer satisfaction and engagement.


There are many uses for email confirmations. Verifying online booking, subscription confirmation and appointment confirms are a few. What they must do is reassure customers about the contact and a successfully completed transaction. Keep it skimmable and ensure it meets the customer’s expectations. There should be a stamping of your brand as well as mobile friendliness. Lastly, include a CTA if possible, to continue the relationship.

Contrary to popular belief, you get many chances at a first impression. Create unique first impressions with confirmation emails and demonstrate you believe in the all-important company/consumer relationship.