Christmas Promo Banner ADS Set For Your Holiday Promotions

Winter is always a great time to get new customers and land tons of new sales. As you already know, our team of creative designers always work out Christmas promo banners for you so that you could advertise your products successfully during the winter holidays.

Since Christmas is almost here, we’ve got you covered and prepared the free Christmas promo banners pack for your promotions.

These materials are fully customizable, so it will be easy for you to apply any changes needed to make those work for your business. We will also look through the customization process in this article, so make sure you read it in its entirety.

What we offer:

In the pack you’ll find free .psd banners for Christmas and New Year campaigns in the following resolutions:

Google Adwords Facebook, Twitter Pinterest Instagram
Skyscraper: 120 x 600

Wide skyscraper: 160 x 600

Small square: 200 x 200

Vertical rectangle: 240 x 400

Square: 250 x 250

Inline rectangle: 300 x 250

Half-page: 300 x 600

Large Rectangle: 336 x 280

Banner: 468 x 60

Leaderboard: 728 x 90

Large Leaderboard: 970x90

Billboard: 970 x 250

1200 х 628 236 x 700 612 x 612

Here are the examples of these banners:

New Year Promo Banner


Christmas Promo Banner


Download the pack

Let me walk you through the customization process real quick. I’ll show you how you may customize our Christmas promo banner to use it for your business.

As an example, I’m going to make a banner for a gadget store that runs a 45% off promotion for all their products.

Step 1

Let’s change the background picture that is displayed under the logo. Since it’s a banner for a gadget store, I’m gonna use a typical picture that contains smartphones, gaming consoles, drones, etc.


Once you choose your picture, you should open it in the Photoshop, drag&drop to your banner project and put the layer with this picture into the ‘bg’ folder. Don’t forget to make the layer with the standard background (‘Layer 5’) invisible by clicking on the ‘eye-icon’ on the left.



Step 2

Fill in your promotional text. I believe, that’s the easiest step out here.


Step 3

Open your logo picture and drag&drop it to your project. Then move the layer with your logo to the ‘tm logo’ folder and don’t forget to make a layer with the ‘YOUR LOGO’ text invisible by clicking on the ‘eye-icon’ on the left.

Here is the final result of our new promotional banner for the gadget store:


If you are about to give your website a Christmas look - make sure you take a look at our Holiday Themes section. Also, don’t miss our Christmas Theme giveaway from MotoCMS Team. It’s a great chance to get a free theme, so read the rules by the link above and test your luck.

Enjoy the winter holidays and come back again for our new freebie packs and reading materials. We are always happy to help your business!

In case you still do not have your own website and you are thinking about getting one, feel free to check out our ready-made solutions for your website. We have plenty of options to make your site stand out and not only look perfect but work fast as well. Don’t waste your time, start a New Year with a new ambitious project!

Download the pack

Christmas Promo Banner ADS

Many social network users stand out from all others due to the attractive graphics and exciting design solutions. People use social media not only to communicate and find new friends. It is an excellent channel to conduct business, advertise, and actively promote their products or brand.

As a part of your social media graphics, Christmas promo banners are an excellent solution to tell the world about your holiday offers. TemplateMonster marketplace provides both free Christmas graphics and a premium one. New Year and Christmas holidays are a great occasion to announce sales, discounts, and various promotions.

A holiday banner for social media usually contains a variety of information:

  • You can just make introductory graphics and a small text accompaniment that will briefly tell your audience what your company does.
  • You can emphasize the key advantages that clients will get if they do business with you.
  • You will attract potential customers' attention to a specific product when they see a bright inscription or a nice price tag.
  • You can use a simple, unobtrusive design, using the name and logo of your company. If it is made with sufficient quality, the client will trust you more than a similar service with poor design.

No doubt, you will discover many benefits when using a holiday decoration banner. Now let’s run through a few premium-quality Christmas banner post templates.

Christmas Sale 10 Facebook Cover

With a few clicks only, you will announce Christmas sales and special offers on Facebook. The package includes a fully-editable Adobe Photoshop PSD file that you can adjust to your needs and preferences. The size is 1702×630 pixels, with 300 DPI resolution. We bet you will be happy with a clean, modern design and well-organized groups and layers. Since everyone is looking for gifts for their loved ones, an essential thing is timely and relevant advertising. If using banner layouts from this template, the information will be provided to the buyer in the best possible way.

Christmas Posts V3

On the eve of the New Year holidays, customers are more interested than ever buying goods for the gifts. Explore 20 unique designs for your social banner to promote Christmas deals and suggest gift ideas. The package comes with 1200x1200 pixels PSD files. The layouts are well organized and fully editable. Text, numbers, colors, and other design elements can be altered to fit your needs.

Christmas Banner

Everyone loves discounts and waits for this period to spend annual savings. Timely informative New Year promo banner can provide a massive flow of customers and a surge of revenue. Pay attention to this 1080x1080 pixels pack with three color options. There is no need to hire a designer to craft an attractive holiday banner. Try it now and enjoy this wonderful festive atmosphere!

Square Marketing Banner Pack

Today's banner promotion is an effective marketing method and an opportunity to reduce the time spent on website promotion. Pick up this holiday banner pack to cover your social media needs. The package comes with easy editable PSD, AI, EPS, PDF files. The Help file is included in case you have any questions or concerns.

Christmas Banner

New Year holidays are a particular time for family, friends, relatives, and business development. Pick up your best holiday banner to boost sales. Designed with festive colors, images of Santa and gifts, winter animation - all this creates a proper mood, and therefore increases your sales. The template is easy to install and use for any type of business.

Christmas Posts V2

Forget about hiring an expensive designer while such a beautiful Christmas banner is available for purchase. This ready-made solution does not require any technical skills. Changing the text, colors, and numbers is a matter of a few clicks. Do not hesitate to try these 20 unique designs 1200x1200 pixels and boost your sales in the holiday season.

Holiday Banner FAQ

What is a Christmas promo banner?

A standard banner is a graphic image that has an advertising character. It is usually used to attract attention due to the essence of the banner's advertising message, design, placement, or size. A Christmas promo banner is a promotional banner designed in a holiday color scheme, with images of winter, Santa, and gifts.

How can I order a holiday banner from the TemplateMonster marketplace?

Go through a few steps to enjoy the product.

Decide on the best banner layout for your project and click the ‘Add to Cart’ button.
Think over if you want to add any additional services and click ‘Checkout Now’.
Complete the checkout process.
Check your email for the download instructions.

What are the trends for a New Year promo banner?

Trendy design solutions help to stand out from the majority of similar products and services. When following the latest graphic design trends, we remain more informed and can make bright, creative, even innovative decisions. As a result, our visual content will attract more attention and show a better conversion rate. Stick to the following trends to be successful and competitive:

Bright typography.
Monochrome banners.
A mix of styles.
Minimalistic design.
3D illustrations and depth.
Fluid, smooth lines, and elements.
Geometric designs.

How can I sell a holiday decoration banner at TemplateMonster?

To join the TemplateMonster marketplace as an author, you need to create an account and upload your product. Your holiday banners will be reviewed, and you will get the result. It is easy to get sales with TemplateMonster.