30 Codepens to Give Christmas Mood to Your Website

How to spice up everyday life of an Internet user? When Christmas comes around, we all wait for the magic to happen. Especially if you are a business owner, your job is to predict customers' wishes and to give more than expected. CodePen Snippets are the best way of diversifying your resource.

If you’ve found yourself sitting in absolute confuse in front of this blog post, don't worry. You are not alone. Let me explain to you how to use these. CodePen is a platform for editing and storage of HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. The code can be shared and modified the way you want it. So you're free to implement these Christmas snippets on your websites. Enough rambling, get prepared for the best part!

Sprinkle your website or blog with Christmas spirit and give it a fairytale look with this selection of the coolest Christmas CodePen Snippets. Ready-made alchemy for implementing holiday spirit into your platform and visitors' hearts!

Christmas Vibes

These CSS Christmas elements will help you create a holiday mood. The shadow adds the depth effect. You may change it – modify its size and opacity. It also provides you with various positioning options. It is a fast way to add some Christmas graphics using emojis. An indisputable advantage is that you don’t need to draw any extra icons.

Christmas Cracker

It’s always fun to play with interactive website components. This cracker is an ideal way to entertain your visitors. You need to tap or click on the cracker to pull it apart. When you open it, you will get a joke. It’s a part of Christmas celebrations in different countries. This component is completely customizable. You may easily modify the source code and add your favorite jokes.

Snow Falling Loading Animation

Make the loading process enjoyable. A nice animation of snow covering the screen is more interesting than a blank white screen. It has some small visual parts, like a snowman and an igloo.


These CSS Christmas lights are the perfect decoration for your site. The smooth animation of lights and falling snow make it look calm. It provides you with multiple customization options. For example, you may turn off the snow completely, modify the text, change the lights, etc.


This image of Santa is a great visual component for your website. It is a very simple element, but it looks gorgeous. It also has a simple smooth animation. When you hover Santa’s mustache – it moves. Santa blinks when you hover his eyes. It’s a small element, but it has some interaction, and visitors will certainly like it.

Decorate the Tree

Here’s a complex CSS Christmas light module that allows you to create a Christmas tree. It comes with multiple parameters to customize. A user may change colors, the number of bulbs, light intensity, turns, etc. It’s an amazing 3D looking element that your visitors will like. The great thing about it is that people can share their trees. You may capture a screenshot or a video (you may also set the length).

Holiday Love

Here is a cute element. It includes multiple smooth shapes and animation to make it look dynamic. All the visual parts are placed to create a complete picture.

Flying Santa

It’s a funny animated CSS Christmas element with a plane and Santa. It doesn’t take much space, but it includes multiple secondary details. They make the picture look detailed and balanced. You may customize it easily – change animation or colors.

Happy Christmas

Simple shapes can create an amazing image. It consists of a triangle and circles, and the animation makes this element stand out. It will certainly create a holiday atmosphere. It has space for a short message.

Wandering Lights

It is a nice CSS Christmas lights effect. This module may create some complex shapes. The animation of covering space with lights looks very interesting. You may customize various parameters to change colors, movement and rotation speed, etc. The values allow you to achieve the needed effect.


Created to brighten up and give your website a holiday look, this snippet comes with snow animation. It has the most suitable color palette hex codes.


Use this Bokeh effect CodePen to light up your website, blurred lights on background will give it an artsy touch.

See the Pen Christmas Lights by Emmanuel Pilande (@epilande) on CodePen.


What can be described as “festive mood” better than this tool? Thanks to marvlous animation and fabulous graphic, Merry SVG Christmas takes the breath away. Be remarkable and congratulate your visitors with upcoming holidays using this CodePen.

See the Pen Merry SVG Christmas by Petr Tichy (@ihatetomatoes) on CodePen.


See the Pen Sleeps Until Christmas by Codemzy (@codemzy) on CodePen.

Have you thought about how many nights are left before Christmas? Sleeps Until Christmas code will keep your users updated on this topic;) By the way, cute reindeer will be a fave of both children and grownups.


The name of this CodePen speaks for itself. Adorable animated Santa can be activated with a mouse click.  Have yourself a pure CSS Merry Christmas!

See the Pen Pure CSS Merry Christmas:) by Alireza Sheikholmolouki (@Alireza29675) on CodePen.


Imagine how Winter Wonderland looks. Did it? Now click on this tool and enjoy your fantasies come to life.

See the Pen A winter wonderland scene by Kevin Jannis (@kevinjannis) on CodePen.


Would you like an animated candy cane for your website? What?!! Evade annoyed visitors with this dreamy loading widget. Who doesn’t like candy canes?

See the Pen Loading Christmas... by Joe Harry (@woodwork) on CodePen.


Catchy background with changing colors and hypnotizing animation will take everyone’s breath away! Who knows if it’s legal;) Christmas Tapestry CodePen with hipster graphic will turn your resource into the coolest website ever.

See the Pen Christmas Tapestry by ilithya (@ilithya) on CodePen.


Featuring chic typography and snow animation, this tool will delight the most demanding tastes.

See the Pen Merry Christmas, Codepen! by Green Chameleon (@craftedbygc) on CodePen.


What appears in front of your eyes, when someone says: “New Year is coming”? This tool will mirror that image. Fireworks and magic lights will add it`s contribution to a luring image of your website.

See the Pen Merry Christmas! by Chris Gannon (@chrisgannon) on CodePen.


This CodePen is a true festive magic. An animated loop will take everyone to the moon and back!

See the Pen A christmas loop in svg by kittons (@airnan) on CodePen.


This tool consists of breathtaking milky way image with a holiday spin, perfect for someone, who likes universe and space related stuff. Click on the link to get the full scoop.

See the Pen christmas tree particle shape by n (@streletss) on CodePen.


What is it: a Christmas tree, a multiple-point star, animated light installation? You decide. All I can say it’s a very captivating and enchanting CodePen.

See the Pen Before::Christmas by Bailh (@cathbailh) on CodePen.


Try in action this animated email snippet with gorgeous typography and ornaments. Congratulate your subscribers with taste!

See the Pen Get featured by Canva and Guy Kawasaki this Christmas by Really Good Emails (@reallygoodemails) on CodePen.


Want to thoughtfully prep your platform for holidays just like you do presents wrapping? Use this wrapping paper background.

See the Pen wrapping paper by Felix De Montis (@dervondenbergen) on CodePen.


Turn “Magic Moments” on, grab a cozy blanket and stare at this snippet all day. Nobody will judge you for that! Fascinating snow animation is all you can ask for.


Bring joy to your resource with this snippet. Sparkling text on the falling snowflake background – truly magical.

See the Pen Alternating Sparkle Text by Mark Sottek (@WhizofaWiz) on CodePen.


Imagine opening an email, and there is a surprise in it. Fantastic, right? Add some snow to your email newsletter using this CodePen.

See the Pen Xmas email test by Mark Robbins (@M_J_Robbins) on CodePen.


At first glance, this tool may seem very simple and usual, but it’s a perfect way of adding a holiday spirit to your website. What can be better for festive mood than Christmas lights?

See the Pen Pure CSS Christmas Lights by Toby (@tobyj) on CodePen.


Featuring traditional holiday symbols, this CodePen came straight from New Year’s fairy tale. Follow the link to feel the full power of “Happy New Year!” snippet.

See the Pen Happy New Year ! by Louis Hoebregts (@Mamboleoo) on CodePen.

Here you go, that was a list of ready to use CodePens, what are you waiting for? By the way, apart from using them yourself, treat your fellow web developer with this amazing tools.Which CodePen did you like the most? Did they bring you a festive mood?

Write your answers in the comments below.

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CSS Christmas FAQ

🎄 Why add CSS Christmas lights?

They will create a special holiday atmosphere. Such elements look impressive and make your site more interesting, especially if the module is interactive.

❄ How can I use CSS Christmas lights features with a WordPress website?

You may integrate CodePen elements via WordPress’ Block Editor (Gutenberg) or using the CodePen Embedded Pens plug-in.

🎅 What should I know to customize a CodePen CSS Christmas effect?

To tweak these features, you need to understand HTML, CSS, and JS. The CodePen website has a user-friendly editor where you can modify the code and see the changes immediately.

⛄ Will CSS Christmas effects affect my site’s performance?

These elements are optimized, and they won’t affect performance negatively (with default settings). You should be careful with tweaking. Some modules allow you to add visual features, and if you add too many of them – you get issues.