Smashing Giveaway: Join Smashing Newsletter and Win Smashing Prizes

Smashing Giveaway: Join Smashing Newsletter and Win Smashing Prizes

With so much happening in front-end and UX these days, it can be quite difficult to keep track of important things. Luckily, there are wonderful newsletters and blogs out there that shed light on the latest in the web industry. In fact, with our weekly Smashing Email Newsletter, we aim to achieve that as well.

Every week, we send out useful front-end & UX tips, techniques and tools to help you get better at your work. We couldn’t be more grateful for the trust of 190,000 designers and web developers who are already subscribed. And if you aren’t yet, now there is a good reason to join in!

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The Smashing Prizes

On Tuesday, Oct. 27, we’ll raffle 10 winners from the newsletter list and give away a few Smashing Goodies. If you win, you can choose upto three items from the list below:

  • The very first, signed copy of “TypeScript in 50 Lessons” by Stefan Baumgartner.
  • 3 tickets to an online workshop of your choice.
  • 3 tickets to the entire family of SmashingConf online events.
  • 3 plush Smashing Topple balls.
  • 3 Smashing Membership subscriptions.
  • 5 copies of “Smart Interface Design Patterns Checklists” PDF.
  • A unique SVG collection of 100 Smashing Cats!

What’s needed to join in? Just subscribe to Smashing Email Newsletter, and if you are already signed up, you’re already a part of the raffle! Exciting!

Thank You! ❤️

We kindly thank you for your trust and ongoing support. And perhaps tell your friends and colleagues about the newsletter as well, if you get a chance. It goes without saying that we’d sincerely appreciate it.

Thanks for being... smashing — now and ever, everyone!