Mediastack: Add News and Headlines to Your Website or App

Today we’re looking at how you can generate a news feed for your website with sources from around the globe with mediastack. The free and simple REST API can help you deliver news in real-time, adding relevance and credibility to your website or app.

Here, we’re going to take a look at mediastack and how you can make this tool work for you, pulling in news from sources such as CNN, The New York Times, Euro News, and ESPN, into a simple and reliable API.

What is mediastack?

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mediastack is a scalable JSON API that pulls from more than 7,500 news sources to help you deliver information online. Use it to add live news data, feeds, trending information, headlines, or even monitor brands around the world. Plus, it is all in real-time.

The API is used by thousands of individuals, universities, and non-profit organizations requiring a reliable source of live news data.

The API provides access to structured data and readable news from mainstream publishers and blogs and is based on a scalable infrastructure that can grow with your brand or business. It’s all delivered to your website or app using a lightweight JSON format.

Some of the most popular news and information sources include CNN, The New York Times, Euro News, ESPN, MSNBC, Al Jazeera, BBC, Time, and TMZ.

mediastack has been around since 2017, with roots as an internal sports news aggregation feed. The company behind the tool, apilayer, found that there was more demand for a variety of news sources, expanding the API. More than 2,000 customers already use the tool to provide live news feeds, data analytics platforms, and trend analysis applications around the globe.

The API is also used by tens of thousands of individuals, universities, and non-profit organizations requiring a reliable source of live news data.

Key Features

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The key feature that comes with using mediastack is that everything is updated in real-time. You’ll always have the most up-to-date news and information on your website with this API.

News also comes from reliable sources with visible attribution, so that your website visitors know you are providing real information in a trustworthy manner. But that’s not all you’ll get from mediastack.

Key features include:

  • News is gathered every minute
  • Information and news in a variety of categories, including general news and headlines, business, sports, education, and more
  • Sourced from more than 7,500 news outlets around the world
  • Real-time news data
  • Historical news data
  • News from more than 50 countries
  • Ability to pull headline from more than 50 countries
  • 13 languages supported
  • Fully-automated tool once installed
  • Customize news feeds based on what information you want website visitors to see
  • Data sources are constantly monitored for content and technical credibility
  • Additional news sources are being added
  • Scalable technology on a rock-solid infrastructure that can grow with your website or business
  • Nearly 100& uptime
  • Easy to implement REST API
  • Uses 256-bit HTTPS encryption
  • Paid plans come with safety buffers for unexpected traffic increases
  • extensive documentation to help you get started and create usable feeds
  • API uses single news HTTP GET endpoint with parameters and options for streamlined results
  • Get started quickly with three-step guide; it only takes and API access key


mediastack has a free plan that can provide a glimpse of all the API has to offer. This is a good option for individuals who want to share news data or for businesses just starting out.

As you grow, so does the tool with a variety of more premium plans with additional features and availability for greater usage (API calls per month). All subscriptions also have a 20% discount for annual payment.

mediastack plans include:

  • Free (no credit card needed): Includes up to 500 calls per month, all news sources, delayed news data, and supports 13 languages
  • Standard ($24.99 per month): Includes up to 10,000 calls per month, all news sources, live news data, supports 13 languages, HTTPS encryption, historical data, commercial use, and technical support
  • Professional ($99.99 per month): Includes everything in Standard plus, 50,000 calls per month
  • Business ($249.99 per month): Includes everything in professional plus 250,000 calls per month

Enterprise-level plans are also available with customized options. Reach out to mediastack directly if this applies to you.


mediastack is a must-have tool if you want live news and information on your website or app. It’s an accessible tool with a free, low-volume plan for individuals and a powerful commercial solution.

With access to news sources from around the world and in multiple languages, mediastack is the only news API tool you’ll ever need. Get started for free to see how it works and enhance your website or app.