How to Make a Travel Affiliate Website and Become a Successful Travel Blogger?

To be a professional travel blogger, you have to have a passion for voyage and create exciting content. Yes, the love for travel alone is not enough! If you have chosen the travel blogger profession hoping to get quick cash, traveling a lot, and working very little, you are on the wrong track. Please do not do it for the money at the beginning. Do it because traveling is your life. 

Some aspects of this travel writer's job, such as the administrative part, are not the most enjoyable: invoicing, going to trade fairs to find clients, sending lots of emails, and receiving few responses. The travel blogger profession uses several communication formats: text, photo, video, and targets one or different community platforms: forum, conferences, other events. If you have experience in journalism, photography, video production, marketing, or communication, it will be handy in your daily life. But if you don't, no worries. Some successful writers were just students, sports teachers, or businessmen.  

All in all, many assume it's easy to become a travel blogger. Just start your travel blog, Facebook page, Instagram account, and the viewers will come by itself. It will not. That is why it is essential to understand that not everyone can be a professional travel blogger. But if you are determined and do not mind getting your heart broken a couple of times on the way, then continue reading to find out how to make a travel affiliate website and become a professional travel writer.

First Steps on How to Make a Travel Affiliate Website

Affiliation is about partnering with a brand: you post links to that brand's site on your blog, and if you bring business to the brand, you get paid. This partnership can take very different forms. To start earning first, you have to do some necessary steps that include:

  • Step 1: Choose a platform (CMS) to create your travel blog;
  • Step 2: Define your theme;
  • Step 3: Choose the right domain name;
  • Step 4: Choose your host;
  • Step 5: Install your blog;
  • Step 6: Find and select a theme (appearance);
  • Step 7: Define a visual identity (logo, colors, etc.);
  • Step 8: Set up your blog correctly;
  • Step 9: Structure your travel blog;
  • Step 10: Write your first articles.

How To Get Paid?

The principle is then straightforward: you publish on your blog one (or more) link (s) affiliate (s), which includes (s) a tracking code. This tracking code identifies a visitor passing through you to go to the brand's site. There are many ways you can benefit from affiliation:

  1. You can receive a percentage of sales made through you (pay-per-sale). 
  2. Being paid "to the lead" ("pay-per-lead"). You will receive income for any customer registered through your link or for anyone who completes a companies' form.
  3. Being paid per click ("pay-per-click"). Companies are paying you to get more visibility and traffic. 

Benefits Of Affiliate Travel Blogs

You can use affiliating as:

  • Passive income. When you have a blog that is doing well, you can make money from affiliates even when you are not "doing" anything.
  • There is no specific financial investment to be made;
  • There is no product or service to create;
  • It's easy to set up;
  • You can use it on a variety of topics and make it interesting for your readers.

Passive income, but active work!

Affiliation can allow you to have a passive income, but you have to go through work phases like:

  • Create content;
  • Have an influential blog to promote this content;
  • Gather a community around this blog and therefore learn about SEO, social networks, etc.;
  • Choose a legal method to receive income;
  • Study the products or services you plan to promote;
  • Analyze your performance to understand what is working and what is not;
  • Do experiments to know how to maximize your income;
  • Always think about the relevance of your affiliation choices for your readers;

And when the money starts to come in, you still have to work:

  1. Make sure you declare your income;
  2. Look for new partners;
  3. Continue to produce high-quality content. Remember never to stop, because competitors don't sleep.

To earn money with affiliation, you will need traffic, the right consistency between your product and your editorial line, and good harmony with your readership (their expectations, budget, consumption habits). Plus, you have to train yourself continually: develop your SEO skills, better use your newsletter, etc. Affiliation can bring in several thousand euros per year, but it requires work and analysis.

Future of Tourism During Covid-19

Are you asking yourself when we can travel again? Will the coronavirus crisis change our travel habits? How will the tourism industry overcome this crisis? Traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic is, in the minds of many, impossible and even very dangerous. We all have a friend who is still stuck somewhere in India due to the quarantine. But paradoxically, traveling during this period could be advantageous if you respect the sanitary instructions. Moreover, you can always travel within your country. Go to little villages in your region, discover hidden places, and learn more about your homeland. 

All in all, there is always a light at the end of a tunnel. Our lives are divided on before and after the Covid-19. On the one hand, if you look at the significant historical events, such as the 2 Great Wars, the post-reaction has been to "let go" and enjoy life. The same will happen this time. All we need to do is to stay safe and positive.

How to Create Travel Affiliate Website? [Free Ebook]

Social media and news feeds are full of stories about people who travel the world while making money. New countries, cultures, and experiences – no dull and routine everyday work that is slowly eating you alive. Familiar thoughts? Have you ever wanted to do the same? To travel, take photos, meet people and have enough money to do it without working in an office? Don’t think that’s impossible for you – all you need is a good website and participation in affiliate programs that offer traveling companies. Everything is more straightforward than you think.

Our parents were earning money to spend it for something solid; something you could rely on – like a house or a car. Millennials and Generation Z representatives (we are one of them, you know) think in another way. People now want to receive new experience, new feelings, and the best way to get that is traveling. And if they can’t get it for themselves, they want to watch others doing it – that’s why travelers blogs and vlogs are so popular.

If you decided that you had enough of static everyday office work and now seek a way to start traveling – creating a website will be a good start. You will need a platform which you will be able to share your journey journal (and gather interested followers) from. We created a detailed guide to help every beginner create his own website and achieve his dream goal.

An average internet user has no idea how to create a website. That’s why we decided to start from that point and continue to join the affiliate programs and promoting a ready-made site. That is a huge bunch of information, so we gathered it into a handy eBook you can download for free after submitting a form below. The book contains the next topics:

  • What hosting provider to choose?
  • Where to get a domain name?
  • Which of the WordPress themes will be perfect for your site?
  • How to customize the template?
  • Who can help you with the website tuning?
  • What are the best affiliate programs?
  • How to make your website popular?

If you are an experienced developer and don’t need some elementary explanations – you can skip the first half of a book and start from choosing a perfect theme. We have almost 100 WordPress travel templates, and you will find at least one to be stunned with (there are so many of them, that it is more likely that it will be hard to choose from several options).

Do you like traveling? Are you ready to make gaining new experiences your primary “job”? Does our eBook help you reach your dream? Please feel free to live us some feedback. We always try to improve our products’ quality, and your comments are invaluable.

Good luck with living the life you’ve always dreamed of!

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