9 Free Product Mockups for Designers

A product mockup is a model or a blueprint of how your product can appear to the product’s users. In real life context, product mockups are the best things to represent the final product in any business. You can get feedback on a product mockup before launching the real-life product into the market. A product mockup is a wireframe design that talks about its functional areas, the usage, and the advantages of the said product. Thus, this work of designing a product mockup is generally done by the designers who first understand the product thoroughly and design the mockup accordingly.

This blog gives you a list of mockups for various products that the designers can draw inspiration from. These mockup designs can help designers in multiple ways when they have to create a product mockup in any industry. Let us take a look at the product mockups list here.

1. Coffee cup mockup:

Coffee Cup

This mockup is available on the website called Freepik, and it represents the product mockup of a cup used for consuming coffee. There are various kinds of cups available in the market. Some are made of glass, bone china, china clay, and many other materials. In some cases, the cups are now also made eco-friendly, where the cup’s material is derived from bamboo or wood.

These days reusable cups have taken away the charm of disposable cups. The design of one such cup is represented here on the mentioned website. If you are about to design a mug cup for the purpose of consuming coffee, you can use this mockup. The image dimensions of the mockup of the cup are 4113 x 3085 px.

2. Coffee cup bag mockup:


There are various types of packaging available when it comes to the food and beverage industry. Initially, the packaging used to be bland and simple. These days, people have started coming up with various and attractive packaging designs. One such design is here from the website called graphicpear that has a mockup for a coffee cup bag. We have often seen celebrities carrying their cup of coffee from premium coffee houses. Sometimes they have been seen carrying large cups or spotted with coffee cup bags that don’t let the coffee spill. Here is the mockup design for a coffee cup bag that holds still, the cup of coffee to avoid spillage yet makes the bag look stunning and visually appealing.

This mockup is available for download for free if you are registered with their website. The image resolution for the coffee cup bag mockup is 5000 x 3750 px. With beautiful branding design on the coffee cup bag, you can use it to showcase your personal brand. The file available for download is available in PSD format that can be modified using Adobe Photoshop. It is a layered file, and the download package also includes the help file that you can read to understand about it.

3. Cosmetic cream tube mockup:

Cosmetic cream tube

Cosmetic products are the largest industry sector, amongst others. There are various products related to make-up and skincare. Initially, skincare was not categorized under the cosmetic industry. But nowadays, the company that manufactures make-up also makes skincare products. And the cases and packaging of the skincare products are so attractive; you are lured into buying it instantly. Here is one such mockup of a cosmetic cream tube that has a beautiful mockup design.

We have generally seen tubes like the one that is squeezed when you want the product to come out. But this mockup design shows the tube with a pump. Moreover, the website Anagramdesign offers a free sample of the product along with the mockup. To modify this mockup, you need Adobe Photoshop CS4 or later versions of the application. The package includes 1 PSD file, and the resolution of the image is 3840 x 2160 px.

4. Standing banner mockup:

Standing banner

A vertical banner is always a good marketing strategy to promote or endorse your product or business. With an eye-catching banner design to put on a vertical banner, you can always rely on it to attract the onlookers’ attention. There are so many ways to market your business and products, and employing a vertical banner is one of them. But a vertical banner is generally spotted in closed spaces where someone is running an exhibition. It is not necessary that it is meant to be used in closed areas only. You can use it in the open spaces as well.

Here, you can download the demo mockup for free that shows a vertical banner in the image. It is available for free download from the website called Behance. The PSD file in the package is fully layered and can be modified using Adobe Photoshop. With the image resolution of 2400 x 2400 px, it offers a high-quality mockup design picture. The package, when you download, also includes smart objects. You can download the mockup from the link given here.

5. Fish tin can mockup:

Fish Tin

Again, when it comes to the food industry, we have seen so many variations in food packaging techniques. And with each passing day, the designs keep on changing. Some people even offer reusable boxes, cups, and glasses with a little extra charge, so that you can keep them with you and reuse them. This is a massive step towards saving the planet and the environment. Here, there is a mockup design for a fish tin can from the website called DesignBundles. This tin can is used to store cooked or raw fish. But this mockup gives you an idea of how the tin can appear in real-life products. You can pull the lid up with the ring attached to the top of the tin can. But this is a single-use product.

The download package consists of a layered PSD file, smart objects, options to customize the colors, and adjustable background. It also offers separated drop shadow along with an image with the dimensions of 4500 x 3500 px. The resolution of the image is 300 dpi.

6. Label Tag mockup:

Label Tag

The industry that deals with labels have also seen a lot of evolution over time, which is evident with the changing tags and designs. When you buy a piece of clothing or apparel, you automatically see the label first to check its cost. These days, there are multiple labels tagged with the piece of clothing. One label for its price, the other for its washing instructions, and the other are for the size and the brand. Some labels are tinted yet transparent, made with plastic, while others are made with thick paper.

This mockup gives you an insight on how you can design a label tag. The design of this mockup is impressive with a pink color based background. You can tie a string to its punched end so that the other end of the string can be tied to the clothing. The package includes a PSD file and the smart objects with it. In the PSD file, you can change its background colors that would make the label stunning. With varying colors and backgrounds, you can make a lot of designs in the label and work with various designs. You can download this mockup from the website called Behance for free.

7. Framed Poster mockup:

Framed Poster

There are so many posters available that you can use in your office at your home on bare walls to display a piece of art or a photograph. This poster talks about the ongoing pandemic that requires humans to wear a mask and frequently wash their hands. The epidemic has brought everyday life to a standstill and economies on the verge of a breakdown. People cannot step out without the fear of catching the virus. There is a lot of paranoia around touching the things that come up. Humans have stopped eating out and sitting in unknown places.

This poster design is focused on the same theme. It says, “Stay home” in the large fonts. And besides it, in small fonts, it gives instructions on how to stay safe like “Don’t shake hands” and “Protect the elderly.” You can change the flooring design and the wall behind the poster. This can be done simply by putting your image inside the smart object and saving it on your computer. The dimensions of the image are 6000 x 4500 px. With changeable colors and a PSD file, you can edit and modify it according to your requirement in the Adobe Photoshop application.

8. iPhone 11 Pro mockup:

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro is the mobile phone that is one of the most sought for devices. It has a sleek design with a lot of fresh features and a vast screen ideal for games. Moreover, with the large screen, you can also look at a presentation. It comes with a camera that has a top-notch resolution. Apple claims the camera to be the most powerful camera. With an improvised front camera, you can have high-quality selfies and video calls that are crystal clear. The device comes in three different variants, and all the variants have sleek designs.

This package offers a mockup for iPhone 11 Pro designs. A designer that belongs to the mobile phone designing company can take this mockup for understanding. Moreover, this design can be kept in the mind while creating a new layout from scratch for a different device. The package includes a two-piece mockup set that you can use. It has fully layered PSD files with smart layers. The dimensions of the image are 3000 x 2000 px at 300 dpi. You can download this mockup for free from the given link without any kind of registration requirement.

9. Food Truck mockup:

Food Truck

When it comes to foodies, they know which food truck serves the best food. The food truck culture began in the US, where the trucks were converted into food points. In these trucks, the kitchen is inside the trucks, and the people would wait near the window to get their food delivered after the finished payment. The food trucks are painted with bright colors to grab more attention, and the owner adds lights on it. These lights would blink at night to attract food lovers to them. The food truck culture has gradually taken the world by storm, and we also have food truck parks in several places. These parks consist of several food trucks at one place that serves different cuisines from different locations.

This mockup defines the design of the food truck. The owner of the food truck can get his logo designed on the food truck with this mockup. In this mockup, you can also spot two bartenders that have worn an apron. The color of the apron, along with the design on the food truck, can be changed according to the needs. These customizations can be accommodated using Adobe Photoshop to edit the designs, colors, and graphics. With many food trucks opening up at various locations, this mockup can be useful for a designer associated with the field. Moreover, these kinds of lorries are opening as cafes too, and they also require some logo design for their coffee trucks.


These mockup designs are the perfect inspiration for designers that are in the field of any kind of product design. The designers are frequently required to make designs of the product before manufacturing the actual product. These designs give us an understanding of what features this design offers. You can also see what design changes can be made to make it an even better product. This way, you can come up with a better product while refining the designs again and again. And the better design can result in a product that everyone approves of. But, it is imperative to take up feedback before turning to manufacture the product. This background helps you see how your target audience reacts to your product design. When you understand the response towards the design, it saves your cost by not manufacturing the wrong product. This blog gives you a lot of different product mockups that you can study and derive inspiration from.