Is a Career in Web Design Right For You? Here’s How to Tell

It can be scary to start on a new career path. It gets even more intimidating if the career you’re considering calls for you to acquire a lot of new knowledge and learn a ton of technical skills. Web design falls squarely in this category.

And true, this isn’t a career that every Joe can hack.

We are not just talking about being able to write code or work long hours behind a computer. A career in web design calls for unique skills and personal attributes, which to some extent, cannot be learnt in the classroom setting.

Are you considering a career in web design? This article will point out some qualities you should possess to have a successful career in web design.

You’re a Good Team Player

If you dread the idea of having to work in a team, then you might need to get used to collaborating with others before getting started on a career in web design. Yes, you will spend long hours working alone trying to get the code right, but this is a job that requires working with others.

For one, you will require insights from colleagues on certain aspects, and you will have many sit-downs with clients to discuss their needs. Ever so often, you will need to work with others on the same project. If you aren’t one to entertain other people’s opinions, this career might not be for you.

You Can do Many Things

Do you consider yourself multifaceted? You don’t have to be able to play the cello and play quarterback, but web design requires a host of skills that go beyond coding. Skills such as SEO, graphic design and photo editing are almost a prerequisite in this career.

Further, web designers who have many different skills are more marketable than guys who are limited in scope. For example, job ads are increasingly featuring the term ‘full-stack’, which means that you’re better placed to get that job if, in addition to your frontend (client-side) web design skills, you can design and build the backend (server-side) too.

You Understand What Makes a Great User Experience

While most of the time, you will be exercising your creativity and design skills, you will also need to be grounded enough to understand what designs will bring the best return on investment for your client. You need to know what captures people’s attention and why.

To do this, you must have a good understanding of the connection between the three basic building blocks of a great user experience; its function – how well it works, its aesthetics – how good it looks, and the marketing aspect -the influence of your designs on the user’s thoughts and emotions. The skills necessary for this can be acquired from online web design courses, interaction with other designers, and from experience.

You Can Work Within Tight Deadlines

Good time management is essential if you are to become successful in the web design field. If you’re freelancing, your clients will need to know that they can count on you to submit designs on time. If, on the other hand, you choose to be employed, your boss shouldn’t need to micromanage you to ensure that your assigned tasks get done on time.

Should You Become a Web Designer?

Do you have most or all of these traits? If so, there is a good chance that will find web design a satisfying and fulfilling career. All that’s left is to acquire the necessary technical knowledge, something you can do by enrolling in a good web design course.