Design Principles to Improve Your Social Media Posts

In the art of running a blog on social media, visuals are a very important aspect to take care of. Design is something that can attract followers to your profile without too much effort. The way you arrange colors and objects in your profile is vital for having smooth growth and progress. Thinking thoroughly about your good looks is what can get you the fine increase in your rates, along with purchasing some stats for social media boost. For example, cheap Instagram video views can be exactly what will promote a film of your work, and you should not be afraid to use customer support in case of problems. And what about the design tips? Here we have a text that will guide you through this matter.

So let’s dig in!

The Color Scheme

Colors are impacting humans’ moods very effectively especially on social networks. This is why you must think hard on what is your message to the world and what colors are corresponding to it. For example, warmer colors like shades of yellow, orange, or red are glowing positive vibes. The combination of yellow, blue, and green reminds us of summer. Shades of pink and red are usually defined as more feminine, as well as grey, blueish, and brown demonstrate masculinity. World holidays are also marked with certain colors – red with green for Christmas, black and orange for Halloween, and so on.

Choose wisely not only the overall color social media scheme for your logos, stickers, texts, like on Instagram, for example, etc. Pay attention to the choice of filters for your content as well. The colors are helping users to distinguish your content amongst others, so it is worth spending time.


This one is a vital part of the color scheme. Good contrast is what brings out the components of your graphic content and attracts the eye of followers to collect more views. The contrast works with many features like:

– Fonts
– Alignments
– Size
– Colors
– Forms

Remember that to make the contrast work, you must choose background color, then prominent and additional colors. Backgrounds are usually mild and can be dark or light shade with the same level of effectiveness. The clue is to mix the prominent and additional colors for the best result. If your background is light, prefer darker but more calm colors. If you choose a darker background, you can go with more bright and vibrant shades.

Remember the balance! Additional color is something that helps to make the contrast between background and object more dynamic. For example, in still-life photography, artists often add another object of another color to balance the composition. And you can do the same on your social media account such as Instagram, which is famous because of great visual content.

The Way Your Text Looks

If we are speaking of the visual quality of the text itself, here one rule can be applied – shorter is better. Long texts look good in the description field, whereas on your pictures you better prefer texts that fit one or two lines.

And what is also an important component for your looks is typography. This term stands for the visual representation of written words. In other words, this is about fonts. Yes, fonts are also important in social media.

The design of your writings is a reflection of your style. Specific font is also working for your recognition among users. This feature is very precious for Instagramers and YouTubers, who have to attract new viewers through stories or the tiny thumbnail of their video. So they have to come up with the font which is:

– Readable
– Unique
– Catchy to the eye

Things like size are not too important as they can be adjusted to your needs at any time. Just keep in mind that your font has to be specific to all your graphic posts on all the platforms that you occupy.

This will help users to find you in the flow of posts.

Regularity As A Good Habit

Nowadays social media are the method to promote a brand. Whatever this would be a product or personality, it needs consistency for good results. It means that you have to remind the user’s eyes what your colors are. Do not overload your blog with logos and color drops though. This won’t help you to collect views. So pay attention to filters and presets that you use for your posts. That is what makes the consistency and unified look.

Proper color blocking is also a sign of professionalism and good taste. And these characteristics are a huge lever for increasing your social media rates and influence. Once again, to preserve the professional effect you should keep all your platforms like Instagram and Facebook, for example, within the same design. This makes your blogs more discoverable and easy to recognize for your fans. The design produces the association with you through forms and colors, so this is a great way to boost your cross-platform promotion.

Simplicity Is Perfection

One of the most fruitful trends in graphic design is simple forms that can be found everywhere around us. In general, we are talking about geometry. Almost mathematical accuracy in detail is able to bring out your social media content. At the same time, there is no need to add lots of details to get progress. Come by these rules for success:

– Prefer geometrical illustrations.
– Narrow your range of fonts down to two or three.
– Use complementary colors.
– Add space to your photos for an airy effect.

Even though the modern industry can offer an endless choice of design trends, you must stick with one and only. This is your face, which meets the consciousness of a viewer. Your main goal is to imprint your page into the viewer’s mind and make him remember your profile next time he sees one of your posts.

Take Inspiration

The best artist in the world is nature itself. It creates incredible patterns and color mixes that are pleasant to the eye. Every color is a message to read. So use the riches of nature to inspire your social media blog:

– Add tenderness through mild colors of young greenery, white and beige shades of seashore sand, or pink roses or lilies.
– Mesmerize your viewers with animalistic patterns – strict geometry of python’s skin or chaotic mess of zebra’s stripes.
– Give some depth and mystery with deep blue and green shades of forests, mountains, and seas.
– Become modern and urbanistic with chrome, grey and white shades, and spiky forms of skyscrapers.

Look around you and discover what is more close to you, and work with the design relying on that feeling.


The tips for social media design can be a very long list to go. But it is impossible to take them all in count. The look of your profile is your first presentation, which will help people to feel connected with you. So it has to come from your own heart and preferences. Be attentive to yourself and think a hundred times about what message you are bringing out on social media, and then make this decision.