7 Best Email Marketing Tools in 2020 for Small & Midsized Businesses

7 Best Email Marketing Tools in 2020 for Small & Midsized Businesses

Need to make creating, managing, and sending your email campaigns easier? The best email marketing tools can help. While many require a monthly subscription, they offer immense convenience, saving you valuable time that you can put towards creating better, more profitable email campaigns.

Keep reading to discover the seven best email marketing services, which are:

  1. MyEmailFX
  2. Mailchimp
  3. Hubspot
  4. SendinBlue
  5. Campaign Monitor
  6. Constant Contact
  7. Moosend

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1. MyEmailFX

Price: $0$5+ / email

Email marketing tool: MyEmailFX

MyEmailFX is one of the best email marketing tools because it lets you:

  • Access free email templates or design a custom template with a drag-and-drop builder
  • Preview email drafts on desktop and mobile devices, as well as directly in your inbox
  • Conduct A/B tests for send times, subject lines, and email content
  • Use personalization tags, like first name, to connect with subscribers
  • Import and segment subscriber lists
  • Create customized journeys based on subscriber actions
  • Schedule emails by date and time
  • Access easy-to-understand email reports
  • And more

This email marketing platform also follows a different pricing model than most email marketing tools. Instead of paying a monthly fee, you only pay when you send emails. MyEmailFX’s pricing is $5 for emails with five or more recipients, plus 3 cents per recipient.

If you send an email to less than five recipients, it’s free!

2. Mailchimp

Price: $0 – $299 / month

Email marketing tool: Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing software applications because you can:

  • Use pre-designed email templates or the drag-and-drop builder
  • Build automated customer journeys
  • Access email performance data instantly
  • Create, edit, and track emails from within a mobile app
  • Share email campaigns to social media channels automatically
  • Established trigger-based emails, like for forgotten passwords
  • Launch A/B tests
  • Link data to Mailchimp’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform
  • And more

Companies can start using this top email marketing software for free. If you want to access additional features like A/B testing, though, you’ll need to switch to a paid plan. Mailchimp’s paid plans start at $14.99 per month.

3. Hubspot

Price: $0 – $3200+ / month

Email marketing tool: Hubspot

Hubspot earns a spot as one of the best email marketing services because this platform lets you:

  • Use a drag-and-drop editor to build custom emails
  • Target subscribers with personalized send times, subject lines, and calls to actions (CTAs)
  • Create A/B tests
  • Sync email marketing data to the Hubspot CRM
  • Access additional digital marketing tools, like for social media ads and lead generation forms
  • And more

Compared to some of the other best email marketing platforms, Hubspot is more expensive — if your business needs to upgrade to a paid version. That’s because Hubspot provides you with several different marketing and sales tools.

The upside is that Hubspot allows you to create a product bundle based on your unique needs.

4. SendinBlue

Price: $0 – $65 / month

Email marketing tool: SendinBlue

SendinBlue earns a spot on this list of the best email marketing tools because you can use SendinBlue to:

  • Build emails with zero coding experience thanks to a drag-and-drop builder
  • Personalize email communications with dynamic content and personalization tags
  • Have an unlimited number of subscriber lists and contacts
  • Create multiple subscriber segments based on behavior, demographics, and more
  • Get a send time optimization tool to maximize open rates and email engagement
  • Conduct A/B testing
  • And more

Like some of the other best email marketing services, SendinBlue offers a free version.

This free version provides unlimited contacts but comes with some limitations. All emails send with the SendinBlue logo, for instance, and you cannot access A/B testing. The free plan also limits you to delivering 300 emails per day.

Paid plans from SendinBlue start at $25 per month.

5. Campaign Monitor

Price: $9 – $989 / month

Email marketing tool: Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is another contender for being the best email marketing platform because it lets you:

  • Access professionally-designed email templates or create one with a drag-and-drop builder
  • Build customer journeys based on user actions, sign-up locations, and more
  • Create subscriber segments based on user data, actions, and more
  • Develop unique sign-up forms to feature on your website
  • Get in-depth email marketing analytics for emails, segments, and users
  • Connect Campaign Monitor to Shopify, Salesforce, or WordPress
  • And more

Pricing for Campaign Monitor depends on your number of subscribers. If you have 1000 subscribers, for instance, plans range from $9 to $149 per month. In comparison, companies with 50,000 subscribers can expect to pay $299 to $989 per month to use Campaign Monitor.

6. Constant Contact

Price: $20 – $45 / month

Email marketing tool: Constant Contact

Constant Contact makes our list of the best email marketing services because you can use the tool to:

  • Automate welcome emails, birthday emails, and abandoned shopping cart emails
  • Promote products, coupons, and more from your ecommerce store with a Shopify integration
  • Add new subscribers via Salesforce, Excel, Outlook, social media, and more
  • Get real-time email tracking
  • Segment users into dedicated subscriber lists based on different criteria
  • And more

If you operate an ecommerce store, Constant Contact is probably one of the best email marketing tools for your business. The software has integrations for multiple ecommerce platforms, including Shopify and WooCommerce so that you can promote products, coupons, and limited-time offers with zero work.

Pricing for Constant Contact starts at $20, but scales based on your number of subscribers or contacts.

7. Moosend

Price: $0 – $760 / month

Email marketing tool: Moosend

Moosend gets a mention as one of the best email newsletter services because the tool lets you:

  • Build emails with a drag-and-drop builder versus HTML code
  • Choose from multiple customizable email templates
  • Get segmentation suggestions
  • Segment subscriber lists into hyper-targeted lists based on one or more factors
  • Track opens, social shares, unsubscribes, and more
  • Personalize email campaigns with dynamic content and personalization tags
  • Create various A/B tests, like for content, subject lines, and more

Companies with 1000 subscribers (or less) can take advantage of Moosend’s free offer. If you have more than 1000 subscribers, however, you’ll need to sign up for a paid plan, which starts at $10 per month. For businesses with more than 200,000 subscribers, you’ll need to request a custom quote.

FAQs about email marketing platforms

Got questions about email marketing platforms? Get answers in this FAQ:

What is email marketing software?

Email marketing software, also called an email marketing platform, is a service-based application that allows your business to complete and streamline various email marketing tasks, like designing emails, segmenting subscribers, and measuring email performance.

What should I expect from the best email marketing platforms?

If you invest in one of the best email marketing platforms available, you should expect the ability to:

  • Design emails, typically with a drag-and-drop editor that does not require HTML knowledge
  • Develop automated email campaigns, like for requesting a review after a purchase
  • Send emails in bulk
  • Create various subscriber lists and segments
  • Build A/B tests for sending times, subject lines, email content, and more
  • User personalization tags, like first name
  • Track the performance of emails, like their open rate, click rate, and more
  • Sync email data with critical marketing, sales, and analytics applications

While many of the best email marketing tools offer these features, they execute them differently. Different dashboards, as well as integrations with CRM software, can persuade you to use one tool over another.

Why use an email marketing service?

Email marketing services, especially the best email marketing services, offer a few benefits, including:

  • Automate the sending of bulk emails
  • Measure email performance
  • Create email designs without the help of a developer
  • Link email data with sales, marketing, and analytics applications automatically
  • And more

For many marketers, email marketing platforms make life easier.

You can complete tasks faster, access data sooner, and make strategic decisions quicker. That’s why it’s worthwhile to invest in one of the best email marketing tools, whether it’s MyEmailFX, Mailchimp, or another platform.

Get your free trial of one of the best email marketing tools: MyEmailFX

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