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Inspirational Website of the Week: Claudio Guglieri

A well designed and exciting web experience by Claudio Guglieri. Our pick this week.

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Progressive Enhancement with WebGL and React

David Lindkvist explains how the 14islands team approaches mixing creative technologies like WebGL and HTML/CSS while ensuring the content is still available to as many visitors as possible.

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Sidebar Webring

The Sidebar Webring is a collection of handpicked sites and blogs focused on design and the web. Read more about reviving this cool old concept in this article by Sacha Greif.

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A Free SVG background generator with lots of patterns to choose from.

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Forms best practice

A comprehensive guide to well-made forms by Geri Reid.

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A starter repository for building a blog with the Eleventy static site generator implementing a wide range of performance best practices.

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Create and share shadow art with Sombras. Made with React-three-fiber and cannon.js.

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How to use CSS clipping

Another great article by Rachel Andrew where you’ll learn the different ways to create a clip-path.

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Learn CSS Centering

A visual guide to everything you need to know about centering in CSS by Ahmad Shadeed.

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An Introduction To Running Lighthouse Programmatically

This article contains a brief introduction to Lighthouse, discusses the advantages of running it programmatically, and walks through a basic configuration.

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How to Use Fetch with async/await

In this article Dmitri Pavlutin shows the common scenarios of how to use the Fetch API with the async/await syntax.

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React-three-fiber powered mirrors made by Marco Ludovico Perego.

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Is this evil?

Lars Wikman asks an interesting and important question reagrding some “evil” things that can be done with CSS.

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Understanding the Event Loop, Callbacks, Promises, and Async/Await in JavaScript

In this article, you will learn about the event loop, the original way of dealing with asynchronous behavior through callbacks, the updated ECMAScript 2015 addition of promises, and the modern practice of using async/await.

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Voronoi Pebbles

Beautiful Voronoi pebbles by James Hancock.

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Such a cool game: The Crumbskees are lunch-munching couch potatoes on the hunt for more food. Eat as many snacks as you can before your show comes back from commercial!

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An amazing Three.js demo by Yuri Artiukh.

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Learning About CSS 3D Transforms and Perspective

Michelle Barker shares her journey of learning 3D transforms and perspective.

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Tooltip Sequence

A simple step by step tooltip helper for any site.

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The tangled webs we weave

Dave Rupert shares another reflection on modern web development.

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How to use CSS masking

Rachel Andrew explains how to use the mask-image property in CSS, which lets you specify an image to use as a mask layer.

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Writing even more CSS with Accessibility in Mind, Part 1: Progressive Enhancement

The first article in a series on writing CSS with accessibility in mind by Manuel Matuzovi?.

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Setting Up Tailwind CSS in a Vue.js Project

Learn how to craft better looking Vue.js apps using Tailwind CSS. This tutorial explains what Tailwind is and how to set it up in a Vue project.

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You Really Don’t Need All That JavaScript, I Promise

An interesting presentation by Stuart Langridge at GOTO Chicago 2020.

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Tools should not only be for experts – they should turn us into them

Christian Heilmann argues that it is high time we moved away from the concept of “tools for experts” towards one of “using this tool over time makes you an expert”.

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Managing several displays with the Multi-Screen Window Placement API

Thomas Steiner article about the Multi-Screen Window Placement API that allows you to enumerate the displays connected to your machine and to place windows on specific screens.

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LED Switch

A very nice switch made by Jon Kantner.

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From Our Blog

Menu to Inner Page Animation with Image Grid Background

A website layout with a menu and background image grid that animates to an inner content page.

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