How To Manage Stand Alone Validators With The Right Software

Validators are used in any digital process that requires some degree of inspection to validate the transaction being made. They could either make use of a stand-alone (contactless) or contact technology process.

They can make use of independent, discrete, and integrated device options. These devices are used in valet parking and payment systems. They need to be managed by a software system, the functionality of which is dependent on the software choice.

This article discusses how to manage to stand-alone validators using the right software:

Parking Lot Categorization

Every public parking facility witnesses different customer groups, including regulars, VIPs, management, and general-purpose customers. Each of these customers must be categorized in the software to correspond with the parking lot sections to avoid mix-ups. This way, customers get to park in the right spot without conflicting with the lot’s categorization. This also facilitates adequate parking lot organization and the right pricing templates.

For each parking lot category, there’s a corresponding price. These prices can be varied based on time factors, such as peak times at the facility. Time-bound, free parking options for individuals conducting short term business, such as visiting the pharmacy and shopping essentials, are also available. The software interface allows you to customize it to suit your lot of categories.

Fast And User-Friendly Operations

When based on the right management software, stand-alone validators are user-friendly. This allows the validators usable to an average individual, regardless of the level of familiarity with the machines. This is made possible with an array of visual indicators and features that aid the user engagement process.

With the aid of the right management software, the speed of the transactions would be fast. It eliminates the pile-on of protocol lags among other concerns in the environment.

Integrated Parking Solutions

Even though management software options vary, the ideal ones feature an integrated and scalable solution. It should allow the parking lot’s facilitator to tailor the validators’ scale, suiting the needs of the parking facility. Also, those having multiple lots can access information from a single interface in any location.

The installation process is made simple with fast setup times, allowing validators to be up and running in a limited time. Low maintenance capabilities are also enabled by using the right management software, which will remain relevant to growing needs and new technologies.

Revenue Optimization Via Vehicular Traffic Tracking

Parking lots experience varying traffic volumes, making it a wise business decision to reduce your prices at lower traffic periods and up your prices at peak periods. Your management software should be adaptable to these traffic changes and allocate the right prices to each time frame.

Instead of a time-bound switch, such as day and night, which is bound to fail, you can configure your management software to analyze the rate of traffic with its pre-installed entry and exit tracking abilities. This allows you to optimize your revenues through fluctuating traffic times to draw in more customers at the downtimes and take due advantage of the peak business times.

Other variations to factor in for revenue optimization include event rates, discounts, and maximum parking volumes. This is used to develop multiple fee structures.

Wireless Connection And Contactless Operations

Contactless operations, or self-service payment options, could use a walk-up payment model or pay-and-display meters.

Walk-up payment models use validators that are mounted on a table-top, floor, or the wall. Simultaneously, pay-and-display meters allow customers to pay electronically with credit or debit cards, then display the ticket information on its dashboard.

These transactions are conducted over wireless connections with efficient management software facilitating them. This allows proper management of financial transactions and proper record keeping. To ensure extra verification of the payment processes, barcode and QR code compatibilities are allowed on these mediums.

Detailed Performance Reports

Reporting tools are important in validator management software tools. They facilitate the creation of useful reports on space allocation, staff performances, and revenues. This helps track the KPIs of the facility and give progress reports in board meetings.

The management software collects data on several predetermined KPIs, then manages it. The information gathered will determine employee performance, driving future business decisions relating to individual performances and facility management.


Stand-alone validators have found great use in the parking facility management industry. The right software management implementation boosts the viability of the application of these validators. They facilitate appropriate parking lot categorization and ensure user-friendly operations.

They enable multiple parking facility management with integrated solutions. Revenue optimization and report generation, the two key aspects of management, are also facilitated by this software. Hence, in a contactless environment, they’re rightly applicable and well suited for.