Marketing Strategy for LinkedIn: How to Market on LinkedIn

Marketing Strategy for LinkedIn: How to Market on LinkedIn

Did you know that 62% of marketers say that LinkedIn is the most effective platform for business?

If you haven’t built a marketing strategy for LinkedIn, you’re missing an excellent opportunity to earn new leads for your business.

So, how do you get started with LinkedIn?

Keep reading to get seven LinkedIn marketing tips for launching your campaign!

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1. Share informative content

If you want to know how to use LinkedIn for business, start by sharing informative content with your audience.

When you’re on LinkedIn, you’re connecting with professionals who want to learn more about your industry, business, or products or services. A great way to do that is by sharing content, like blog posts or company posts, that provide your audience with helpful information.

Sharing these posts is an excellent way for you to boost your engagement on your profile. You establish yourself as an authority in your field and build trust with your audience.

So, to have content to share with your audience, you must start by creating content. To create content, you’ll need to generate topic ideas. You can use a tool like Google Trends to get topic ideas or check out your competition’s blogs to get ideas.

When you craft content, make sure to follow these best practices:

  1. Check the user search intent: When you craft content, you want to ensure you’re crafting content that meets your users’ needs. Search your topic on Google first to see what others wrote.
  2. Create a compelling title: When you share your content on LinkedIn, you need to entice people to click. So, when you craft your content, make sure you’re creating a click-worthy title that gets people to check out your blog post.
  3. Ensure your content is easy to read: You don’t want to deter people from your content because of poor readability. To create content that keeps your audience engaged, make sure you use headers and break text into small paragraphs to make them easy to skim.

2. Utilize hashtags on your post

If you want to know how to market on LinkedIn, start by using hashtags on your posts. Hashtags are an excellent way for people to discover your content.

On LinkedIn, users can follow a specific hashtag to keep up with the latest in their industry. Someone can search for a particular hashtag or click on it to find information that includes that hashtag. So, for example, someone in the technology field might follow the hashtag “#ArtificialIntelligence.”

So, when they follow that hashtag, they’ll see posts in their feed that contain that hashtag.

So, when you craft content, try to find relevant hashtags to include in your post. You can search the hashtag first to see how many people follow the topic and if it’s worth using the hashtag.

You can use more than one hashtag on your content, too, but don’t overload it with hashtags. You may need to test the number of hashtags on your posts to find a fair amount of hashtags for engagement.

3. Use videos to boost engagement

Next on our list of LinkedIn marketing tips is to utilize videos. Videos are an excellent way to boost engagement with your business and get people familiar with your business. In fact, brand association increases by 139% after someone watches a video.

You can use videos to:

  1. Share information about a topic in your industry
  2. Provide information about your company
  3. Talk about a new product or service you offer
  4. Give tips and tricks
  5. Create a teaser video for something new you’re doing

When you’re using LinkedIn for business, videos are a must. Not only do videos increase brand association, but customers are ten times more likely to interact with a video over text. So, if you want to boost engagement on your profile, utilize video as part of your strategy.

4. Optimize your profile

When you develop your marketing strategy for LinkedIn, you want to ensure you’re optimizing your profile. People will check out your company page when they first discover you, so you want to ensure you fill it out completely.

You’ll want to add:

  1. A profile photo
  2. A cover photo
  3. Location
  4. Industry category
  5. Company size
  6. Link to your website

By optimizing your profile completely, you’ll provide visitors with all the information they need about your company.

5. Use a social media calendar

When you develop your marketing strategy for LinkedIn, you need to keep in mind that you want to post content often. You want to keep your profile active so users consistently engage with your brand.

To ensure you’re posting content often, use a social media calendar to plan out when you’ll post on social media. A social media calendar ensures you don’t have gaps in your content and guarantees you post often.

When you create your content calendar, plan your content for the month. If you plan too far ahead, your content may no longer be relevant to your audience.

After planning all your content, you can use a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your content.

A social media content calendar is a great tool to help you see how your campaigns look for the month to ensure they’re cohesive and align with your campaign message.

6. Run LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn advertising is a fundamental tactic for your LinkedIn marketing strategy. When you advertise on LinkedIn, you put your brand in front of the leads most interested in your products or services.

LinkedIn ads offer advanced targeting. You can target people based on their:

  1. Demographics
  2. Occupation
  3. Position within a company
  4. Level of education

Once you know who you’re targeting, you can craft compelling ad content.

Whether you use a photo or video, make sure you use high-quality multimedia. People won’t engage with your ad if it’s blurry or the image is stretched.

After choosing your visual, craft compelling ad content. Make sure it’s informative and provides your audience with everything they need to know.

7. Monitor your LinkedIn performance

When you learn how to use LinkedIn for business, you’ll find that most tips involve creating impact with content. But what happens after you share your content? Well, luckily, monitoring your LinkedIn performance is last on our list of LinkedIn marketing tips.

Monitoring your posts’ performance will provide you with valuable insight into what posts are useful and which ones didn’t drive the best results for your business.

You’ll want to monitor metrics like:

  1. Clicks
  2. Engagement rates
  4. Conversions

When you monitor your posts’ performance, you can see what’s working and what’s not. It enables you to adapt your strategy to drive better results for your business.

Start creating your marketing strategy for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for you to market your business. You can connect with people interested in what you offer and help them get familiar with your company. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with trying to start your LinkedIn marketing strategy, WebFX is here to help.

We have a team of over 250 experts that will help you craft a campaign that drives results. In the past five years alone, we’ve driven over $2.4 billion in sales and over 6.3 million leads for our clients.

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