5+ Ways Your Business Can Use Website Visitor Tracking

5+ Ways Your Business Can Use Website Visitor Tracking

Do you know how your website visitors are interacting with your site? How much do you know about who visits your website and how they get there?

If your users’ identities and activity on your site are still a mystery to you, consider using website visitor tracking software. These tools provide you with valuable data you can use to improve marketing and sales processes, as well as various other aspects of your business, to help your company grow.

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What is website visitor tracking?

Website visitor tracking involves gathering data about your website’s visitors. It helps you identify website visitors and how users interact with your site. You can use various tools to track visitors on your website, and the data you collect can help you refine your marketing, sales, product development, and other aspects of your business.

Types of website visitor tracking tools

Website visitor tracking tools have various functionalities. You can divide these functionalities into two broad categories.

Website visitor behavior tracking

Some website visitor tracking tools capture information about how visitors interact with your site. You can gather information such as which pages users visit and where they click. Some programs even capture video recordings of users interacting with your site.

Website visitor identification

Website visitor tracking software can help you identify website visitors and learn more about who is visiting your site. You can find data such as:

  • How users got to your site
  • What region they live in
  • What company they work for
  • Their age
  • And much more

Many website visitor tracking tools, such as Google Analytics, include both website visitor identification and behavior tracking functionality. Combining these two types of data can uncover more valuable insights you can use to refine your processes.

How can you use website visitor tracking data?

The data you collect through website visitor tracking can provide valuable insights to improve marketing, sales, and other business areas. Here are some of the ways you can use website visitor tracking data.

1. Improve lead generation

Website visitor tracking data can help you refine your lead generation tactics to generate more quality leads.

You can, for instance, use visitor identification data to determine which leads fit your profile of an ideal customer. Then, you can see which content and marketing tactics brought those leads to your site.

For example, you might find that a large number of quality leads come to your site after discovering a blog post about a certain topic on Google. You could then create more blog posts about that topic and optimize them for search.

2. Encourage conversions

Visitor behavior data can be immensely helpful for optimizing your website and strategies for conversions.

You can gather data about how visitors move through the marketing funnel on your website and identify which content, site elements, and tactics work best and which might create barriers to conversions.

You might, for example, see that a substantial percentage of visitors make it to your “request a quote” page but then leave before filling out the form. This behavior might indicate that the page is confusing, or the form is too long. You could adjust the page to see which updates increase conversions.

3. Build better buyer personas

Buyer personas are important tools for guiding your marketing and sales efforts. These personas describe your target customers’ characteristics, which helps you better understand and market to them.

Many website visitor tracking tools provide data about your website visitors that can help you build buyer personas. Google Analytics, for example, provides:

  • Demographics data, such as age and gender
  • Information about users’ interests
  • Users’ locations
  • And more

By combining data from your analytics tools, your website visitor tracking tools, and other data sources, you can gain even more detailed insights into your audience’s characteristics.

Google Analytics Demographics Report

4. Improve your marketing strategies

Website visitor tracking data can also help you refine your marketing strategy and tactics. You can see which channels and campaigns brought the most leads and customers to your website, enabling you to focus on the most impactful tactics.

The information you collect when you track visitors on your website can also help you perfect your tactics for each channel. For instance, you might discover that ads on Google search engine results pages (SERPs) brought in more visitors than ads on other web pages. This information might lead you to focus more on search ads than display ads.

5. Inform your product development or content

Similarly, your website visitor tracking data might help you improve your products, services, or content.

For example, you might find that your users’ interests align with a particular service over others. You might also see that many of your users visit a given product page and spend a lot of time on it — a sign that product is popular with your audience.

If you run an online publication, you can use your website tracking data to see which topics and content formats are most popular with your audience.

6. Personalize visitors’ experiences

Another valuable use of website visitor tracking data is personalization. You can use data about your visitor’s characteristics and the types of content they interact with to personalize users’ experiences on your website.

You can create personas for users with similar characteristics and show different content to users who match that persona. Say, for example, that your company sells camping equipment.

Your visitor data might reveal that younger users are often interested in backpacking gear, while older users frequently view content about campers and RVs.

Using this information, you could show more backpacking content to younger visitors when they arrive on your homepage and show older visitors more content about campers and RVs.

Our website visitor tracking software — MarketingCloudFX

At WebFX, we understand the importance of website visitor tracking data and having tools that make your data readily accessible. That’s why we created MarketingCloudFX.

MarketingCloudFX, our proprietary digital marketing platform, enables you to track website visitor information, digital marketing campaign performance, and more. It collects valuable data and uses artificial intelligence to analyze it and provide strategic recommendations.

The platform offers numerous features, such as:

  • LeadManagerFX provides data about how leads get to your website, how leads interact with your website, and which campaigns drive the most conversions.
  • VisitorRecorderFX lets you view videos of how users interact with your site, helping you to optimize for usability and conversions.
  • PersonalizeFX enables you to tailor your website’s user experience to visitors’ industry, location, previous site actions, and more.

These three features are only a few of those available in MarketingCloudFX. You can also track your search engine results performance, send automated email campaigns, and more using the tool.

Plus, it integrates seamlessly with numerous customer relationship management (CRM), ecommerce, and online advertising platforms.

Get started with website visitor tracking

At WebFX, we have more than 20 years of digital marketing experience, and we can help maximize the impact of website visitor tracking for your business.

We offer web analytics services and a world-class digital marketing platform, MarketingCloudFX, that can collect and analyze valuable data about your website visitors. We can also implement changes to your website or digital marketing strategy based on the insights your data reveals.

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