Collective #633

Inspirational Website of the Week: Krause Studio

A very unique design with a lot of personality. Our pick this week.

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Banish email trails & feedback spreadsheets forever with BugHerd

Get website feedback that’s visual not vague. BugHerd pins feedback and bugs directly to your website pages and turns it into actionable, trackable tasks.

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Webbed Briefs

Webbed Briefs are brief, hilarious videos about the web, its technologies, and how to make the most of them. By no other than Heydon Pickering.

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Chasing the Pixel-Perfect Dream

A great article by Josh W Comeau on the impossibility of hitting “true” pixel-perfection and why that’s actually not such a big deal.

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Flow CSS Utility

Learn how the flow utility provides flow and rhythm between direct sibling elements. By Andy Bell.

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Site-Speed Topography

Harry Roberts shares his approach for finding slowdowns, blindspots, and inefficiencies on websites.

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Effective Skeleton Screens

Tim Kadlec on best practices when it comes to using skeleton screens.

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Internationalization And Localization For Static Sites

Internationalization and localization is more than just writing your content in multiple languages. Learn all about it in this guide by Sam Richard.

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If you’re into maps: The official repository for #30DayMapChallenge, It is a daily mapping, cartography and data visualization challenge aimed at the spatial community.

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Coin Flip Donate Button

A really fantastic button animation made by Cooper Goeke.

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How to persistently change third party web sites with browser developer tools

Christian Heilmann explains how to use some features of Developer Tools that allow you to change web sites locally.

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Additive Animations in CSS

Learn how you can use the Web Animations API to apply two simultaneous animations that modify the same property in CSS.

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Play the Chrome dino game with your gamepad

Thomas Steiner shows how to control web games with the Gamepad API.

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What Makes JavaScript JavaScript? Prototypal Inheritance

A guide that will help you understand prototypal inheritance in JavaScript: prototype object, inherited propertes and chain of prototypes.

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Converting the Vue.js markdown editor demo to vanilla JS

See how to convert the Vue.js markdown editor demo into vanilla JS.

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Container Queries are coming to Chromium!

Bramus Van Damme picked up some interesting news: the Chromium team intents to prototype container queries as proposed by Miriam Suzanne.

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Block Rage

Block Rage is a super cool pixel art game where you must move descending blocks of different shapes to form lines.

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Origami Simulator

An app that allows you to simulate how any origami crease pattern will fold.

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If not SPAs, What?

Tom MacWright on alternative futures of the SPA pattern.

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From Our Blog

Distorted Infinite WebGL Slider with Pixi.js

In this video you’ll learn how to code the infinite scrollable image slider from Lamadone Studio using Pixi.js.

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