5 Sites That Let You Design Your Own Footwear

No one has the perfect size and shape of foot to match a shoe perfectly. Shoe shopping can be especially frustrating with people with wide feet, who have to try to find a wide with shoe that fits and is also comfortable. Did you know that there are ways to design your own footwear? Through this kind of science, you can get a shoe that will fit you perfectly.

  1. Nike By You: The first site that we will look at is Nike By You, which is Nike’s custom-ordering system. Using this, you can get basketball shoes or running shoes in any width and compare them to the shoes you might have found at Wide Feet Gear. The interface for putting your custom shoes together is easy to use and supplies you with a wide range of choices, so you really can find a pair that is just what you were looking for.
  2. Vans Customs: Another website to look at is Vans Customs. Like Nike, the Vans website gives you a huge amount of options to choose from. You can get a variety of colors, fabrics, and even patterns printed onto your shoes. Each part of your shoe is customizable, so it will be very personalized once you are done.
  3. Zazzle: Zazzle is an all-around excellent website to design your own sneaker online. You can design slip-ons, high-tops, and just about any other sneaker that you find. Zazzle encourages creativity as well, so you can get a wide array of things printed on your shoes.
  4. YourReebok: YourReebok is another website that you can go to in order to build your own custom sneakers. On their site, you will get about 30 choices for your sneaker design. This might be fewer choices than some of the other brands, but when you realize that every part of the shoe can be customized, you might reconsider any hesitation. We mean that you can choose everything from the logo to the laces.
  5. Alive Shoes: The final website that we will look at that allows you to design your own shoes is Alive Shoes. This website is especially unique since it is not a known-brand and will not produce name-brand shoes. Instead, you will get to design your own logo for the sneaker, as well as the color and pattern of the shoe. You can even resell your design if you would like to, since it will be completely unique and yours.

Things to Remember

When you are ordering custom shoes it is important to remember a few factors.

  • Shoes are not returnable. The first thing to note is that if you have custom-made your sneakers, you will not be able to return them if you do not like them. Custom means that they were made for you specifically and the shoe brands will be able to do nothing with them if they are returned to them. So, barring any kind of accident or mistake in production, you are going to have to keep what you buy.
  • It takes time. In our world, instant gratification is the catch of the day. We all expect to get what we want as soon as possible. Sometimes it is instantly, other times a couple of days. With custom shoes, however, you can expect to be waiting well over a month to get your custom shoes delivered to you. With mail shortages and troubles, the timeframe might be even longer. It is worth the wait, however, if you are really hoping to get a custom pair of shoes.
  • You can be an individual. The best part about customization is that you get to choose shoes and designs that match your needs and your personality. Whether that is a simple-coloured shoe, or something more outrageous, you will really get the option of expressing yourself well with your custom shoe, so put yourself into your shoe and get the shoe you really want.


Think about where you would wear your custom shoes before you commit to one pair or another. If it is just for the weekends and fun, you can get a crazy pair. If you are wearing them in a workplace, you might need to be careful. Either way, custom shoes are a fun way to go.