Awesome Demos Roundup #18

Over the past few weeks we’ve collected some really fantastic web experiments that show that there’s simply no limit to creativity when it comes to playing with code. WebGL goodness, CSS magic and everything in between, there’s so much to explore!

I hope you enjoy this collection and that you can draw some juicy, creative inspiration from it!

Celestial Bodies

by Theo Gil

Sketches (67)

by Yi-Wen Lin

Ghost Card

by Yugam

Bongo Cat

by Eric Huber


by Oguz Eroglu

Particles Image Animation from Mathis Biabiany’s website

by Yuri Artiukh

3D CSS Letter Transition

by Adam Kuhn

Waveform Visualiser

by Yugam

Animated clip-path slider Concept

by Jake Whiteley


by Ryan Mulligan

Link hover animation

by Aaron Iker

Nowhere (a CSS 3D Scene)

by Jon Kantner

Pure CSS Product Card

by Adam Kuhn

Rainbow Hypercube

by Louis Hoebregts

Totem animals

by Anthony

Toggle Switch with a Hole Handle

by Jon Kantner

Hex Tunnel

by Marius Ballot

PureCSS Character

by Diana Smith

Real-time raytracing with WebGL

by Dre

WebGL Slider Interaction

by Sikriti Dakua

Galaxy Simulation

by Angela He

Dreaming of Jupiter

by isladjan

Metallic Fluid

by Scott Darby


by Fabio Ottaviani

Orion’s Galaxy

by Jhey Tompkins

3D Room (pure CSS)

by Ricardo Oliva Alonso


by Fabio Ottaviani

100 divs – Dragon

by Cassie Evans

Noisy Blob

by Sikriti Dakua

Crystal planet

by Pavel Boytchev


by Marco Ludovico Perego

Three.js lines

by Yuri Artiukh

Voronoi Pebbles

by James Hancock

by Javier Borquez

LED Switch

by Jon Kantner

CSS Only Room Escape Game

by Takane Ichinose

Responsive “Cool” Steps

by Jhey Tompkins


by Yuin Chien

Candy Ring Preloader

by Jon Kantner

3D Modern House

by Ricardo Oliva Alonso


by ycw

Wind chimes

by Emmanuel Durgoni

Space Knot

by Jameson Tucker

CSS Vintage VW Bug

by Shunya

Coder in the swamp

by Arno Di Nunzio