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Inspirational Website of the Week: Glenn Catteeuw

A unique portfolio design with lots of interesting details and cool effects. Our pick this week.

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Exploring Livestream Chat UX: Threads and Replies

Threads help livestream chats stay organized and clean.

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Thinking Outside the Box with CSS Grid

In this great tutorial, Alex Trost breaks down three unconventional CSS Grid powered layouts.

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Responsive Height Design

A great article by Ahmad Shadeed on how to make sure responsiveness works for the height of a layout.

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Hands-Free Coding

Josh W Comeau shares his workflow where he almost exclusively uses a microphone and an eye-tracker.

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How to build a progressively enhanced accordion component with vanilla JS

Chris Ferdinandi shows how we can replace the need for a big plugin by progressively enhancing HTML to add a bit more functionality to it.

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CSS Game: Build a lighthouse

Join the challenge to build a lighthouse in this pure CSS game made by Ben Evans.

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Getting dicey – how I failed to write a perfect dice throw simulator and how that is totally OK

Christian Heilmann shares how he developed a Dice Throw Simulator.

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The most useful accessibility testing tools and techniques

In case you missed it: Learn about tools and techniques for accessibility testing. By Artem Sapegin.

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The good line-height

A tool that gives you the right line-height for every text size in a specific scale.

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The lang attribute: browsers telling lies, telling sweet little lies

A very interesting read on how an Austrian news site got into trouble because of a wrong attribute.

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Simple, unopinionated, lightweight and extensible state management for Vue 3.

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A CSS stylesheet to quickly highlight a11y concerns by Jack Domleo.

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How to Learn JavaScript If You’re a Beginner

Some good tips on getting started with JavaScript by Dmitri Pavlutin.

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Animated clip-path slider Concept

A beautiful demo made by Jake Whiteley.

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I want my own media queries in browsers

Kilian Valkhof writes how great it would be for developers to be able to emulate arbitrary media features in the browser.

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Nokia Composer in 512 bytes

Read how to make a tiny oldschool music composer inspired by RTTTL and Nokia Composer. Check out the demo and GitHub repo.

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SVG Favicon Maker

With modern browsers supporting SVG favicon this tool will come in handy to create your own letter or Emoji-based icon.

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Waveform Visualiser

A wonderful audio visualizer made by Yugam.

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Image Cropper

A simple JavaScript image cropper demo that does not rely on canvas or SVG.

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3D CSS Letter Transition

A super cool letter transition demo made by Adam Kuhn.

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Pure CSS Product Card

Adam Kuhn made this fun product card with some magic CSS.

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