Best Landing Pages That Convert 100% – Top 10 Templates [UPDATED]

Designing your landing page must be the central point of your content marketing and promotion. A landing page is critical to generating leads and increasing your bottom line ROI. Continue reading this post, and you'll find a perfect solution for your marketing strategy. That's why we have decided to make a nice collection of the best landing pages that convert to help you give your business a real boost.

First, we thought you would want to learn some tips on creating and improving your landing page.

  • Keep the design clean and free from unnecessary clutter or you'll lose your visitors' attention.
  • Organize your content with icons, bullet points, and other UI elements that can make it easy to scan. Also, make sure you use large and smart headings - it always boosts conversion rates.
  • Surround your content with a lot of negative space to bring it into focus.
  • A good picture can speak for thousand words, so support the text with high-resolution images. You can place them on sliders or organize into galleries.
  • Use a contrasting color scheme to make a CTA button or some other important element stand out on the page.
  • When enhanced by well-animated elements and much whitespace, a convincing copy can make wonders to your lead rates.
  • Be accessible to your audience by revealing your contact details. Display your phone and fax numbers, office address, location on the map, and links to official profiles in social networks. The more reachable you are, the more reliable you look.
  • Include contact, booking and subscription forms and invite potential clients to fill them out. Using these web forms makes it easy to build strong relations with your target audience.
  • Introduce the best members of your team and add their photos. Showing team faces can help you build customers' trust and create a community around your brand.
  • When choosing a product, shoppers can also rely on the opinions of their peers. It’s reasonable to display customers’ testimonials and other social proof as a way to increase conversion rates.

You can learn more about the must-have elements of a well-designed landing page in this post.

Now, let’s proceed with our collection of high-converting templates.

We selected them with care, so feel free to pick your new landing page from the ones below.

The best landing pages that convert are responsivecompatible with modern-day browsers, and scalable for different web environments. We used CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, and valid coding practices when creating them. Just like many other website owners, you'll definitely enjoy their performance. Keep in mind that every template from this collection of the best landing pages that convert is a sliced PSD file, and you can easily edit it in Photoshop.

Live Examples of the Best Landing Pages that Convert

Valeriy | Personal Multi - Purpose Landing Page Template

Valeriy | Personal Multi - Purpose Landing Page Template

Creating the right landing page is not rocket science. But still, an effective landing page is not just a beautiful picture with a product. Although there are no universal formulas here, you need to understand that an effective page is all together - an audience, a niche, a product, a call to action, etc. The design does matter a lot. When it comes to crafting a successful web page, using a ready-made solution is a great decision.

Pay attention to Valeriy, a high-converting landing page template that is code-free and easy to use. Since the layout is multipurpose enough, you can use it for any project. Developed by a talented LT team, the template comes with the most efficient features to boost your conversions. The design is fully responsive and cross-browser compatible. The layout can adapt to any screen sizes, text and images will be rendered correctly. Moreover, the template features a fast loading speed, a clean code, 21 home page layouts, 2 menu options, and much more. Your visitors will enjoy animated elements - scrolling, smoothly appearing labels and images, moving in different directions elements. Make the most of this feature that perfectly conveys the character of the product.

Lintense - All-in-one Landing Page Template

Lintense - All-in-one Landing Page Template

New visitors come to your site but for some reason you do not see the things to move forward. Is it a good idea to give up and decide that your marketing strategy is not working properly? Definitely not! Design matters so make sure you are choosing the right landing page template to avoid any issues and subsequent problems. 

Lintense is an all-in-one landing page template which is crafted due to the latest technologies to boost your conversion rate. The package includes Novi Builder, powerful plugins, 5 pre-designed templates, and much more. Feel free to use the template for corporate landing pages, mobile applications, digital agencies, and etc. One of the advantages of Lintense is its versatility, thanks to which it will be convenient for users of different skill levels. Regular updates and 24/7 support are guaranteed. 

More features:

  • Incredible speed and performance
  • Parallax effect
  • Easy installation 
  • 100% responsive design
  • Cutting-edge technologies
  • Cross-browser compatible 
  • Bootstrap framework
  • Accurate documentation 

Appriori Landing Page MotoCMS Template

Appriori is a professionally designed landing page MotoCMS template that is best suited to present software innovations on the web. It is built with Bootstrap 4, which makes all pieces of content adjust to all screen sizes flawlessly. The theme is fully editable. The layout structure and content presentation can be tweaked in the intuitive drag-and-drop interface. The landing page template contains everything that is needed for the effective presentation of a new product or service to the online community. The theme is built in the way that is easy-to-scan. 3 homepage layouts provide you with the freedom of choice of the most optimal solution for your own project. Different content blocks are separated from one another visually. The theme contains a handful of modules, widgets, and forms that will help you to present your project effectively.

Landing Page Template

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Startup MotoCMS 3 Landing Page Template

The theme will be the perfect solution for the best landing pages that convert that can be used by startups, events, personal profiles, pre-order promos, etc. The clean and well-balanced layout structure is easy to be tweaked in the intuitive drag-and-drop page editor. The theme is loaded with a number of widgets and content modules that you will need in order to present your personal or business project in the remarkable style. All elements of the theme's design are fully responsive. The theme is SEO-friendly, which guarantees that the web pages built with its help will be more noticeable on the web.

MotoCMS 3 Landing Page Template

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Skyline - Construction MotoCMS 3 Landing Page Template

Skyline is a masterfully coded drag and drop landing page template, which is intended to be used for construction and architecture projects. The theme features a spacious and easy-on-the-eyes layout structure, with the smart use of whitespace. The template support all types of written and visual content that you may have the desire to upload to your landing page. High-resolution images and videos will only provide for the better presentation of your project on the web page. Built-in contact form and social media options provide the web users with the opportunity to get in touch with you via any channel they enjoy. The responsive layout will adjust to al screen sizes automatically. The theme is SEO-friendly and cross-browser compatible.

MotoCMS 3 best landing pages that convert

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Use this landing page to promote software, computers, or any other electronic devices on the web. The content is supported with minimalist icons that follow its hierarchy and enhance scannability. If you don’t like the default color scheme, you can get another one with a single click. It’s possible because today's landing pages have a built-in color switcher, an innovative front-end tool for managing website palettes. Sure, you'll want to prove your products’ awesomeness with a block of testimonials arranged in a carousel. With this page, you can use video integration, parallax scroll, subscription forms, and many more.

top converting landing pages

Photographer Portfolio

This responsive portfolio template will do a great job for creative professionals - photographers, designers, artists, etc. Your visitors will see the About section, project previews, notes of your experience, latest news and contacts. This elegant, visually impactful theme boasts a full-width slideshow, rounded shapes, and transparent icons. Thanks to the lazy load effect, UI elements load only when showing up on the screen. So, you'll have a page that loads much faster and guarantees higher conversion and customer retention rates. With a map widget in the footer, you will make it easy for potential customers to find your office.

Photographer Portfolio


Pasttio landing page is also responsive; it is intended for restaurants, cafes, and other food-related websites. Fill the entire website with large images and engage your customers visually. Due to parallax and hover effects, these images look dynamic when you scroll down and move the cursor over them. Text blocks are designed clean, and there are different legible fonts from the Google library. The page can make your visitors connect with you via Olark live chat, newsletter subscription, and social media options.


This theme does a great job when used by businesses, from banking and finance to insurance and marketing. The main accent is on screen-wide image serving as a background for multiple important elements (logo, text, and dynamic counters, etc). The latter are effective landing page features designed to impress customers with curious statistics of your company. There are also semi-transparent banners meant to categorize your services and a catchy CTA button inviting people to check more of them. The page also features a block with testimonials to help you create a more reliable web image. In this well-crafted block, clients’ photos are arranged in a square-tiled carousel, whereas their quotes show up on hover.



This one is just perfect for providers of transportation services. It makes use of geometric shapes to give your site a cutting-edge look. A lot of the blocks, from the header to footer, are enhanced with a parallax effect. This trendy technique matches the landing page design beautifully and adds dynamism to your brand's web presence. To bring the info into focus and prevent attention distraction, the Services block has ample whitespace around it. Some details are framed in boxes adding a sense of structure to the single page narrative. The theme has pre-built contact and newsletter signup landing page forms to help you establish closer relations with customers.


This landing page is just ideal for sports and entertainment clubs. Its responsive, content-rich layout enables you to highlight a lot of details: team, news, upcoming events, contact data, location, and links to your social profiles. Visually, this theme boasts a striking contrast of red and black, providing a memorable experience. There are also a slider and a gallery of images used to demonstrate your value proposition. With split blocks of content, you'll get the opportunity to highlight two equally important things - text and imagery. The loading time is optimized by lazy load effect, which allows for faster performance in different browsers. Give this responsive theme a try to drive traffic to your landing page!



You can see all the best elements of the best landing pages that convert in this template, tailored for fashion and beauty-related sites. The gem of this theme is a full-sized background video that glues visitors' eyes to the page from the first glance. To keep the contact form and the logo in the spotlight, they are placed over a background video. Note how every piece of landing page copy here is surrounded by much negative space. The layout is structured as a static grid of pixel-perfect images. Users can instantly preview each of them in a lightbox, even if they don't want to move to a subpage. The template also enables you to add customer feedback and partner logos as a social proof.

Cyan House

Cyan House is a responsive and converting landing page for real estate agencies, construction companies, hotels, or any other accommodation-related site. It comes with an easy-to-navigate slider and a carousel ensuring the smoothly animated display of available lodgings. Sliders contain a booking form, making it easy for users to click and reserve rooms. In addition, there are also contact and subscription forms that help you stay in touch with your audience. Full-width images play the role of content dividers, they add structure to the contents of the page while maintaining its visual appeal. Video integration allows you to present your offers dynamically and improve landing page conversion.

Cyan House

Hosting best landing page that converts

Don’t miss one of our list of the best landing pages that convert that can become your lead magnet. This theme will be a smart choice if you have a hosting, communications, or general business site. Its layout features a block with an embedded image. You'll never miss this clear call to action on a catchy yellow button! Further down, there are pricing tables allowing for easy differentiation between your company's costs. The theme is also equipped with tabs to display more information without taking up much space. By means of social media options, you can strengthen your business presence in social communities. Parallax scrolling and smooth animated flow convey a sense of depth. A lot of negative space ensures that visitors are not distracted from the copy.

Hosting best landing page that converts


Here we have a good landing page meant for industrial and science-related sites! It highlights your business services and pricing packages, FAQs, and testimonials. The layout is one of the best best landing pages that convert which is optimized for cross-browser and multi-device performance to provide excellent experience and convert visitors. All flavored with blue color accents, this page is a great example of balance between text and images. Blue elements effortlessly guide the eye to chunks of CTA copy that encourage visitors to take action. Once they reach the bottom of the page, users can quickly return to the header by clicking a back-to-top button.


Did we help you understand what it takes to convert visitors into leads? Which one of the best landing pages that convert did you like most?  Right now, it’s your turn to speak.

We’re looking forward to your comments!