Best Email Marketing Tools for Shopify: Apps & Tools to Create Better Email Marketing Campaigns

You created your Shopify store, and you’re looking for ways to earn more sales with your store. You hear that email marketing is a great option. After all, you can earn $44 for every $1 invested in email marketing.

So, you try to launch an email marketing campaign and find that you’ve quickly become overwhelmed with all the tasks you must complete for your campaign. Luckily, you can use email marketing tools to help you manage your email campaign.

Keep reading to learn about the best email marketing tools for Shopify!

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What to look for with email marketing tools for Shopify

Before we dive into our list of the best email marketing tools for Shopify, it’s critical that you know what to look for when you’re trying to determine if an email marketing tool is right for you. Here are some things to look for:

  • Segmentation of subscriber list for delivering a tailored experience
  • Personalization of email campaigns to make your emails stand out
  • Automation to make email marketing a breeze
  • Templates for creating emails fast and efficiently
  • Reporting tracking your email performance

These features will help you create a successful email marketing campaign, so you want to ensure the tool you choose offers these features.

8 best email marketing tools for Shopify

Here are the best eight tools to use for marketing your Shopify store:

1. ActiveCampaign

Price: $15 – $279 per month

First on our list of best email marketing software for Shopify is ActiveCampaign. ActiveCampaign is an email automation tool you can find in the Shopify App Store.

ActiveCampaign is a great tool for you to earn more customers through automation.

You can set up critical emails for engagement, like:

  • Welcome emails
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Purchase confirmation emails
  • Thank you emails

Automating these emails can make it easy for you to engage your audience, whether they’ve just signed up for your emails or finally converted.

ActiveCampaign also makes it easy for you to send relevant messages at the right time to your audience. It helps you boost engagement with your audience.

2. MyEmailFX

Price: $5 delivery fee, plus $0.03 per recipient

MyEmailFX is the best email marketing tool for Shopify if you’re looking for something that’s an all-in-one app. With MyEmailFX, you can create, send, and analyze your email marketing performance in one place.

With MyEmailFX, you get several great features:

  • Email preview as you build: MyEmailFX enables you to preview your emails as you create them. It makes it easier for you to see the full design of your email.
  • Templates to build emails fast: With MyEmailFX, you get numerous professionally designed templates so you can send beautiful emails in no time.
  • Campaign personalization: When you use MyEmailFX, you can personalize your email campaigns so that you can connect with your audience better.

3. Mailerlite

Price: $10 – $50, free plans available

Next on our list of the best email marketing software for Shopify is Mailerlite. Mailerlite is an excellent tool for creating and automating email marketing campaigns that engage and delight subscribers.

This tool is one of the best email marketing tools for Shopify because it features a drag-and-drop editor. This drag and drop editor makes it easy for you to create emails quickly and easily. You can implement your unique design into your emails to build brand awareness.

Like other email marketing tools, Mailerlite offers email automation and personalization so that you can send tailored emails fast. Additionally, Mailerlite makes it easy for you to segment your subscribers to ensure you’re only sending content they want to see.

4. Drip

Price: $19 – $1599+ per month

Drip is the best email marketing tool for Shopify if you’re looking for an ecommerce-focused email marketing tool. Shopify has an app for this email marketing software in the Shopify App Store.

With Drip, you can collect customer data to help you deliver highly targeted emails. You can gather insight on what users do across your website and marketing channels, and then compile that data to create tailored email campaigns.

Drip also makes it easy for you to personalize your audience’s experience. You can personalize emails based on the data gathered, so you create more meaningful relationships and interactions with your subscribers.

5. Sendinblue

Price: $25- $65+ per month, free plan available

Next on our list of the best email marketing software for Shopify is Sendinblue. This email marketing tool enables your business to deliver professional and clean emails to your subscribers.

With Sendinblue, you can build email campaigns with pre-made templates or build one from scratch. Like Mailerlite, Sendinblue offers a drag-and-drop builder, which makes it easy for you to create the template you need.

Additionally, Sendinblue doesn’t have a limit for lists or contacts. You can send emails to as many people as you like and group them based on characteristics like purchase history, gender, and more.

6. Seguno

Price: $10 per month for 251-1000 subscribers, free plan available

Next on our list of email marketing tools for Shopify is Seguno. Seguno is an email marketing tool that’s built specifically for Shopify. You can access this tool in Shopify’s app store.

A standout feature of this email marketing tool is that you never have to leave Shopify to manage your campaign. This tool integrates straight into Shopify’s interface, making it easy for you to manage your emails.

Seguno enables you to create and serve unique discounts to your subscribers. This level of personalization makes it one of the best email marketing tools for Shopify users looking to deliver more tailored offers to their audience.

Additionally, Seguno can help you recommend products to your subscribers. They can help deliver relevant products to users, so they buy more from your business.

7. Campaign Monitor

Price: $9-$149 per month

Another great tool for email marketing is Campaign Monitor. You can connect Campaign Monitor to your site by downloading the app from the Shopify App Store.

Like many of the previously best email marketing tools for Shopify that we’ve mentioned, Campaign Monitor offers a drag-and-drop feature that requires no coding. It makes Campaign Monitor a super user-friendly option for you if you don’t have experience with HTML.

Another great feature of Campaign Monitor’s email tool is that the emails are mobile-responsive. Each pre-made template gets built to adjust to whatever device a user uses, so you can always deliver a positive experience.

Additionally, Campaign Monitor lets you restrict what people can alter with your email templates, which ensures more consistency — regardless of who works on your email campaigns.

Lastly, Campaign Monitor offers the ability for you to collect reviews from subscribers. Once you gather feedback, this tool will automatically integrate positive reviews into your email campaigns.

8. SmartrMail

Price: $19 – $99 per month

SmartrMail is the last tool we’ll cover on our list of best email marketing software for Shopify. This app is one of the top-rated email apps in Shopify’s store.

Smartrmail is an excellent tool for sending automated emails to your audience. You can send multiple types of emails, from promotions to newsletters. If you opt to create a newsletter, Smartrmail makes it easy for you to add products to your newsletters with a single click.

Additionally, this email marketing tool also enables you to send multiple types of automated emails, including:

  • Welcome emails
  • Cross-sell emails
  • Weekly product recommendations
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • And more

The best part about Smartrmail? You can collect valuable data within your Shopify store to create more compelling and targeted email campaigns for your subscribers.

What’s the best email marketing tool for Shopify? A team of experts

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