Recreating the “100 Days of Poetry” Effect with Shader, ScrollTrigger and CSS Grid

Editor’s note: We want to share more of the web dev and design community directly here on Codrops, so we’re very happy to start featuring Yuriy’s newest live coding sessions that he records twice a month plus the demo he creates during the session!

For this episode of ALL YOUR HTML, I decided to replicate the effect seen on 100 DAYS OF POETRY with the technologies I know. So I did a fragment shader for the background effect, then coded a dummy CSS grid, and connected both of them with the power of GSAP’s ScrollTrigger plugin. This is of course a really simplified version of the website, but I hope you will learn something from the process of recreating this.

This coding session was streamed live on Oct 4, 2020.

Check out the live demo.

Original website:

By Keita Yamada