58 Top UX Designer Portfolios in 2020

We’ve previously prepared a list of the best Web Designer Portfolios. While web designers are extremely important for any digital product, UX Designers are also equally important if not even more important. As a result, we wanted to prepare this article+showcase of the top UX Designer Portfolios on the web to be an example for any striving or experienced UX Designers who want to improve their portfolios.

What Does a UX Designer Do?

Usually, UX Design is used interchangeably with UI and Usability. It’s true that a UX Designer works on Usability and UI Design, but those are subsets of UX Design in general. A UX Designer is responsible for almost all aspects of the product. As a result, UX Designers have to be extremely versatile and systematic. 

What Makes Up a Good UX Designer Portfolio?

A portfolio website is essentially a publicly accessible business card. The greatest thing about it is that you can tell a lot more about your story and your work on your portfolio. A good UX Designer portfolio includes information about yourself, your work, and how to reach you. Let’s go over each point in detail.

An About Me Page

Having a short bio on the landing page of your portfolio website is good but make sure to include an about me page. On your about me page, include as much information about yourself as possible. But don’t forget to make it simple and easy-to-understand. You should cover anything from your own short biography, your work experience and you can even include a bit more about yourself such as your hobbies, etc.

Work Experiences

Your portfolio should reflect the quality of your work and as a result, you should clearly showcase your best pieces of work on your portfolio. A good practice is to showcase the work you’re most proud of on your main page but have a link to the rest of your portfolio. A popular practice is to add it as “My Work” on your primary navigation menu. For freelancers, it’s always good to strike a balance between “serious” projects and more quirky ones. 

Social Proof

Social proof is good, social proof is necessary, social proof can lead to success. In other words, you need social proof to back up your work. Some might think that their work speaks for itself, but the reality is that people need to see your work praised by others. So, if possible, adding a few instances of social proof will go a long way. Things that pass as social proof include quotes from satisfied clients, employers, and previous work experiences (especially true if you’ve worked for a well-known company).

Contact Information & Availability

This one is simple. Your portfolio website should include your contact information or ways to contact you. The easier to contact you, the better. On top of that, some freelancers include information about their availability regarding new projects/jobs on their portfolio websites. 

58 Best UX Designer Portfolios

We’ve searched far and wide to prepare our list of the best UX Designer portfolios we could find. So, let’s get right into it.

#1 Abdus Salam

Product Design – UX Design

Abdus Salam UX Designer Portfolio

#2 Bethany Heck

Design – UX Design

Bethany Heck UX Designer Portfolio

#3 Pratibha Joshi

Product Design – UX Design

Pratibha Joshi UX Designer Portfolio

#4 Anton Sten

Product Design – UX Design

Anton Sten UX Designer Portfolio

#5 Andrew Couldwell

Product Design – Web Design – Experience

Andrew Couldwell UX Designer portfolio

#6 Kosas Karolis

Product Design – UX Design

Kosas Karolis UX Designer Portfolio

#7 Liz Wells

Product Design – UX Design

Liz Wells UX Designer Portfolio

#8 Tom Parkes

UI Design – Brand Design

Tom Parkes UX Designer Portfolio

#9 Ivo Mynttinen

UI Design – Product Design – UX Design

Ivo Mynttinen UX Designer Portfolio

#10 Aleksi Tappura

UX Design – UI Design

Aleksi Tappura UX Designer Portfolio

#11 Ed Chao

UI Design

Ed Chao UX Designer Portfolio

#12 Luke James Taylor

UX Design – UI Design

Luke James Taylor UX Designer Portfolio

#13 Kyson Dana

UI Design – Brand Design

Kyson Dana UX Designer Portfolio

#14 Vandana Pai

Product Design – UX Design

Vandana Pai UX Designer Portfolio

#15 Jonathan Patterson

Product Design

Jonathan Patterson UX Designer Portfolio

#16 Austin Knight

Product Design – UX Design

Austin Knight UX Designer Portfolio

#17 Simon Pan

Product Design – UX Design

Simon Pan UX Designer Portfolio

#18 Kurt Winter

UX Design – UI Design

Kurt Winter UX Designer Portfolio

#19 Isa Pinheiro

Brand Design – UX Design

Isa Pinheiro UX Designer Portfolio

#20 Husam Elfaki

UX Design

Husam Elfaki UX Designer Portfolio

#21 Kali & Karina

UX Designer

Kali & Karina UX Designer Portfolio

#22 Elliot Owen

UX Design

Elliot Owen UX Designer Portfolio

#23 Vedad Siljak

UX Design – UI Design

Vedad Siljak UX Designer Portfolio

#24 Nuno Coelho Santos

UX Design – Product Design

Nuno Coelho Santos UX Designer Portfolio

#25 Johnny Czar

UX Design – Product Design

Johnny Czar UX Designer Portfolio

#26 Johny Vino

UX Designer – Product Designer

Johny Vito UX Designer Portfolio

#27 Hera Saqib

UX Design – Product Design

Hera Saqib UX Designer Portfolio

#28 Kevin Joseph Keen

UX Design – Product Design

Kevin Joseph Keen UX Designer Portfolio

#29 Aleksei Zhurankou

UI Design – UX Design

Aleksei Zhurankou UX Design Portfolio

#30 Jeff Bae

Product Design

Jeff Bae UX Designer Portfolio

#31 Sarah Jutras

UX Design

Sarah Jutras UX Designer Portfolio

#32 Jihoon Suh

Product Design – UX Design

Jihoon Suh UX Designer Portfolio

#33 Daniel Rakh

Product Design – UX Design

Daniel Rakh UX Designer Portfolio

#34 Shawn Park

Product Design – UX Design

Shawn Park UX Designer Portfolio

#35 Jeff Kell

UX Design – UI Design

Jeff Kell UX Designer Portfolio

#36 Ryan Connaughton

UX Design

Ryan Connaughton UX Designer Portfolio

#37 Sagar Salvi

Product Design – UX Design

Sagar Salvi UX Designer Portfolio

#38 Tien Dao

Product Design – UX Design

Tien Dao UX Designer Portfolio

#39 Leandro Varanda

Product Design – UX Design – UI Design

Leandro Varanda UX Designer Portfolio

#40 Srinivasan Chakkarapani

Product Desing

Srinivasan Chakkarapani UX Designer Portfolio

#41 Omar Alamrani

UX Desing – UI Design

Omar Alamrani UX Designer Portfolio

#42 Fiona Yeung

UX Design

Fiona Yeung UX Designer Portfolio

#43 Frances Tung

UX Design

Frances Tung UX Designer Portfolio

#44 Charity Zhan Shi

UX Design – Product Design

Charity Zhan Shi UX Designer Portfolio

#45 Rebecca Li

Product Design – UX Design

Rebecca Li UX Designer Portfolio

#46 Jake Doering

Product Design – UX Design

Jake Doering UX Designer Portfolio

#47 Stephen Barros

UX Design – UI Design

Stephen Barros UX Designer Portfolio

#48 Garret MacGilivray

UX Design – UI Design

Garret MacGilivray

#49 Jeremy Omeara

UX Design – UX Development

Jeremy Omeara UX Designer Portfolio

#50 Julio Castellano

UX Design – Product Design

Julio Castellano UX Designer Portfolio

#51 Ryan Nicholas Clark

UX Design – UI Design

Ryan Nicholas Clark UX Designer Portfolio

#52 Jason Yuan

UI Design

Jason Yuan UX Designer Portfolio

#53 Gabriel Valdivia

Product Design – UX Design

Gabriel Valdivia UX Designer Portfolio

#54 Omar Jalalzada

Product Design

Omar Jalalzada UX Designer Portfolio

#55 Michael Evensen

UX Design

Michael Evensen UX Designer Portfolio

#56 Peter Chang

Product Design

Peter Chang UX Designer Portfolio

#57 Jacob Ottesen

UX Design

Jacob Ottesen UX Designer Portfolio

#58 Vlad Balashoff

Product Design

Vlad Balashoff UX Designer Portfolio

To Wrap Up…

If you’re reading this paragraph that means that you’ve read through all of the UX Designer Portfolios we’ve gathered for you. First of all, thanks! Secondly, if you think that we’ve missed any or if you’re a UX Designer yourself and want your UX Designer portfolio featured in this article, drop us a line and we’ll make sure to add it!