8 Cool Illustrations You Can Learn From

Illustrations are a web designer and a graphic designer’s best friend. Whenever an illustration is made differently from a design perspective, the designer should be inspired by it. Illustrations are a way to express a designer’s creativity levels. It shows the thought process of a designer. Moreover, illustrations can be used for a lot of purposes in various projects and are a way to express your creative taste. Additionally, illustrations sometimes also convey some social messages like smoking is injurious to health. They also cover issues like mental health awareness.

Today, in this blog, we are going to look at some of the coolest illustrations available on certain websites. You, as a designer, can look at these illustrations and draw inspiration from them. Let us explore this further.

1. Seasons of the year:

Seasons of the year

Seasons of the year is an illustration from the website called Freepik, which you can download for free. The website does not ask for any user authentication to gain access to the package. As the name suggests, this illustration is all about the seasons that we see in a year. The designer has taken up four seasons, namely winter, spring, summer, and autumn. All the four depictions of the seasons show a person driving the cycle with changing surroundings. These surroundings are seen to change according to the seasons.

This illustration shows different seasons according to changing colors and surroundings. Winter reveals the white and blue shades suggestive of snow, while summer shows the sun shining brightly. The colors of the seasons are indicative of the kind of season. With the resolution of 3000 x 2000 px, you get an exceptionally high-quality illustration. The size of the file is 986 KB. This illustration is ready to be printed in CMYK color mode, which is excellent when you need posters.

2. Human Psychology:

Human Psychology

Human psychology is generally determined by the way a person behaves. It is defined by the way the person projects his or her attitude. Generally, it is characterized by his childhood experiences, his personal and professional experiences. With a traumatic childhood, this is expressed through his toxic behavior during adulthood. That is why a child treated nicely becomes a confident adult whose self-esteem is not injured. All these experiences reside in a human being’s mind.

Human Psychology is one such illustration that talks about the general human tendency. It arises from the events that reside in mind and brain of a human being. This is very well illustrated using this illustration. It shows that human psychology resides in a human brain. You can download this powerful illustration from the link given above. The website allows you to download the illustration for free without any requirement for user authentication. You can download the illustration in various dimensions. When you click the Free Download button, you get an option to select the file format and the dimensions of the illustration. With small size at 580 x 640 px and medium size at 1160 x 1920 px, it is of high quality. If you select large-sized illustration, you get the resolution of 1741 x 1920 px. You can also download the illustration in the form of a vector graphic.

3. N95 Mask:

N95 Mask

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, you cannot stress enough the fact that you need to wear a mask in order to keep yourself safe from the virus. Masks provide safety against the exchange of inhaled and exhaled air. It protects other people if you are infected and vice-versa. Moreover, the mask protects you from toxic substances in the air like dirt, pollutants, and virus. Hence, wearing a mask in this pandemic has become mandatory. With a mask, you also get to access clean air, which is good for your body. Without a mask, there is a chance that you might inhale the polluted or infected air.

Governments all around the world are stressing the importance of wearing N95 masks. These masks are made up of three layers, which provide a lot of protection to you against the deadly virus. This three-layered mask does not let you inhale pollutants, viruses, and dirt. Hence, it is imperative to wear a mask when you are outdoors to prevent infection of any kind as far as COVID-19 is concerned. You can download the illustration that explains the importance of the N95 mask from the link given above. This illustration is available for download for free. The dimensions of the illustration are 2132 x 1662 px, and the size of the file is 997 KB. You don’t need a user profile on the website to download this illustration. This illustration can be used in making posters that stress the importance of wearing a mask to be protected from the Coronavirus.

4. Christmas:


Christmas is one of the famous festivals that is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and grandeur all over the world. After Halloween, Christmas is one festival that people wait for an entire year. In countries other than India, the places are decorated with fairy lights to mark the onset of Christmas. There are so many discount offers and shopping festivals that show up during Christmas. People make hot chocolates, toast marshmallows, and sit by the fireplace to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones.

Christmas is the illustration that defines the essence of Christmas. The text on the illustration reads, “Merry Christmas.” You can use this illustration to create a greeting card to send it to your family and friends that don’t stay in the same city. This illustration can be downloaded for free from the link given above. The format of the file in the downloaded package is EPS. This file format can be used in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, and you can modify this illustration with these. The dimensions of the file are 1136 x 815 px, and the size of the file is 108 KB. You don’t have to create a user account to gain access to this package.

5. Coffee Types:

Coffee Types

Coffee is a beverage that is consumed all over the world in different forms. And the number of people sipping coffee is increasing. Hence, it has given rise to café culture where various types of coffees are served. Different kinds of people prefer different types of coffee. Some like it hot, while others prefer it cold. Cafes these days come up with a large variety of kinds of coffee. They also add various flavors to the coffee and top it up with whipped cream, sprinkles, and a lot of things. This makes coffee a beverage that can be consumed in various forms and recipes. Some coffee recipes also include a portion of the alcohol to it to make it a specific variant of the coffee.

Taking the above discussion into consideration, Coffee Types is an illustration that talks about cold coffees popularly known as a frappe or iced coffee. This illustration shows various coffees in their preparations. Certain coffees require chocolate in their preparations, while other coffees can be prepared without milk. Coffee types illustration is useful when designing a menu of a café or a poster at a café. The images of the coffee on the illustration look like they have been turned into their cartoon version. In the package, the illustration dimensions are 1120 x 720 px, and the size of the file is 320 KB. This illustration can be downloaded for free from the given link. And the website doesn’t ask for any user authentication or user profile creation.

6. Pediatrician:


A pediatrician is a term used for doctors who treat kids below the age of 18 years. That doctor is generally consulted for ailments and disorders concerned with kids. The kids go to a pediatrician for various vaccinations and other medicines. Pediatricians were said to be the doctors who looked strict with a pair of glasses resting on their noses. But, these days, pediatricians make sure that they share friendly terms with their young patients. They share chocolates and celebrate birthday parties of their regularly visiting young patients.

This illustration is all about a pediatrician, and you can use this illustration for creating a website that deals with the services a pediatrician can offer. A pediatrician can also decide to use this illustration to depict his services on his website. Moreover, this illustration can also be used as a poster for his hospital, where the lady doctor has a friendly attitude towards her young patients. You can download this illustration from the link given above without any charges. The dimensions of the illustration are 1400 x 980 px, and the size of the file is 128 KB. You don’t need to have a user profile created in order to download the package, and it also doesn’t require user authentication.

7. Storytelling:


Something that resonates with all of us at some point in time or the other is the storytelling concept. Some of us like to listen to the stories, while some of us prefer telling stories. This is how we all have been associated with stories through some aspects of our lives. Writers and poets know how to weave different actions that would make people laugh, cry, or wonder about various possibilities. They take us on a journey while you are still sitting at one place. Books define a lot of stories that have the power to change our lives and empower us. The story is depicted in the form of movies, books, videos, and images.

This illustration is also about storytelling, where you see open pages in a book where the images come to life. In the illustration image, you can spot the alphabets flying out of the pages of the book. You can use this illustration when you create a project that revolves around the theme of storytelling. Moreover, you can also use this image when you are making a website that talks about books. You can download this illustration from the link provided above. This illustration can be modified using applications like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. The dimensions of the illustration are 1920 x 1080 px, and the size of the file is 287 KB.

8. Jewelry Design:

Jewellery Design

Jewelry design has been a new domain in the last few years, and there have been jewelry designers who design unique pieces of jewelry. Design professionals create fresh designs of jewelry pieces, and the jewelers make them real. This kind of jewelry design is taken by goldsmiths and the people creating imitation jewelry. Imitation jewelry is where valuable metals and precious gems are not used in the creation of jewelry.

This is one such illustration where the jewelry design is referenced. Jewelry Design is an illustration that gives a feel of vintage graphics. Vintage graphics are a trend right now. And the motif created in this illustration can be used in websites that deal with jewelry. It can also be used as a poster to run or execute a campaign that deals with jewelry promotion or endorsement. You can download this illustration from the link given above for free. This website doesn’t ask for any user authentication or user profile creation. The dimensions of the illustration are 2626 x 2627 px, and the size is 899 KB. You can modify the illustration using applications like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.


As we have already established, the illustrations are the hidden messages within an image. Moreover, illustration reaffirms the idiom; a picture is worth a thousand words. Designers can look up to various illustrations to derive creativity and inspiration from creating new designs and graphics. Designers should always create illustrations that are thought-provoking and give people something to think about. Such illustrations are useful to attract the onlooker’s attention. This can make the illustration immensely successful, which in turn provides the designer with his due credit. Graphic and web designers can always come to this blog to see the collection of illustrations we have to offer here.