Elements of a Great Website Design

Website design has evolved over the years since the first time a website was ever created in 1991. What would have passed for the best design a decade ago might not be the standard today. Almost 2 billion websites have been created on the world wide web so far and, with the evolution of technology in recent times, developers have found a way to improve website design.

How your website functions goes a long way in improving user experience and one of the first things to consider is the web design. Recent research from 2020 established how user experience can be improved by implementing the best practices in web design and development.

Below are some key elements of great website design that you should be mindful of.

1. Visual Design

The visual design of a website focuses on the aesthetics of the site to make it more appealing to visitors. Key things that make up a great visual design include colors, font types and sizes, images, and much more. The combination of these visual elements will pass a message to visitors about what your site is about and what you want it to reflect.

Colors are important and the right color palette will help ensure that your website colors are well-coordinated. Choose colors that resonate best with what your site is about and the emotion you would like to connect your audience with. Colors bring out the beauty in the website and can also form a great first impression for most users before they consider other factors. Using the right colors will increase brand recognition and make certain elements in your website stand out, such as CTAs and subsections.

Keep your fonts simple and readable. You can also have unique fonts that you would like to be associated with your brand. It’s always best to stick to specific font types and sizes throughout the site to avoid inconsistencies in the design.

2. Responsive Hero Images

One of the best ways to grab the attention of internet users to your website is by using hero images on your pages. A hero image is a large image often used at the top of a webpage or placed in the background with text placed over it. This image must be captivating enough and blend with the content of the page. Most importantly, it needs to be responsive. A great web application development company would consider this factor to ensure that regardless of the device used to view the site, the hero images can easily adjust to fit the screen and still be effective.

3. Content

Content is still king on the internet and you will need it to make your website thrive. The primary reason why people seek your website is because of the content on it. Regardless of how great the design of a website is, it will never reach the audience it was intended for if there is no proper content to back it up.


A great website design cannot be achieved from just one element but rather from the combination of all the elements that can make the website great. These three are key non-negotiable elements of design that every website must consider.