Collective #631

Inspirational Website of the Week: Goliath Entertainment

A really fun website with lots of interesting interactions and effects. Our pick this week.

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CSS Grid Layout Module Level 3

The new exciting grid draft that includes a Pinterest/Masonry layout option is out.

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Build a game this November with GitHub Game Off

GitHub’s annual hackatron for building games, Game Off, is about to begin.

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Anima 4.0: Design and development, united at least

Anima’s latest release helps you transform designs into workable, developer-friendly React code.

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Next.js Commerce

The all-in-one starter kit for high-performance e-commerce sites. With a few clicks, Next.js developers can clone, deploy and fully own their own store.

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Layout projection: A method for animating browser layouts at 60fps

In this short (interactive) series of posts, Matt Perry provides an overview of the layout animation problem and some of the solutions attempted to date.

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Curve Modifiers in Three.js

Ada Rose Cannon on her first major PR to Three.js, Curve Modifiers.

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Selecting Random Posts in Eleventy

If you work with Eleventy, this might be very useful: Raymond Camdon explains how to add links to random pages in Eleventy.

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Free Image and Video API – Pexels

Pexel’s free API lets you use their stock images and videos on your website, app or project easily.

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Tyrus is a free digital toolkit from Airbnb Design that helps freelance illustrators optimize their business, so they have more time to focus on what they love.

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Jean Dawson

What a cool camcorder-like website design!

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Prevent layout shifts with CSS grid stacks

A detailed explanation with real examples of a CSS grid technique for preventing layout shifts when a component state changes.

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Part of your world: Why we’re proud to build a truly native Mac app

A great article by the Sketch team that highlights the benefits that come with native macOS apps.

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Vue Data Table

TJ Fogarty explores how to tackle a data table in Vue without relying on third-party solutions.

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buoy – Illustrator and Animator

The portfolio of buoy is full of WebGL goodness. Made by Keita Yamada.

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ML Art

A curated showcase of creative machine learning artworks and projects.

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A great Babylon.js Tetris demo by by Hitesh Sahu.

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How to Timeout a fetch() Request

Learn how to use setTimeout(), the abort controller, and the fetch() API to make requests with a configurable timeout.

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Clip-path demo

A recreation of an effect made by Lorenzo Cadamuro on Robin Noguier’s website. By Gianmarco Simone.

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“The CSS Universal Selector Is Slow And Should Be Avoided” — Yet Another Lie!

Jason Knight shows why it’s a bald faced lie that the “universal selector” is slow.

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Vanilla ToDo

A case study on viable techniques for vanilla web development.

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Real people from drawings

Too cool to miss: an experiment using #pixel2style2pixel to create real people from drawings. A thread by Nathan Shipley.

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From Our Blog

Awesome Demos Roundup #18

A big selection of the best web experiments made in the past weeks.

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Particles Image Animation from Mathis Biabiany’s website

A coding session where you’ll learn how to implement the particles effect seen on Mathis Biabiany’s website.

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