6 Amazon Storefront Examples to Inspire Your Online Store

6 Amazon Storefront Examples to Inspire Your Online Store

Over 1 million small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) sell on Amazon. Amazon is an excellent place for you to market your products to people interested in your business — and if you want to take your Amazon presence a step further, you can open an Amazon Storefront.

But how do you get started with an Amazon Storefront? And how do you design one?

On this page, we’ll tell you what an Amazon Storefront is and how you can set one up. We’ll also provide you with six Amazon Storefront examples to inspire your store!

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What are Amazon Storefronts?

Amazon Storefronts are personalized pages for businesses that enable companies to provide an engaging experience for shoppers. Companies can add their personal touch and tell their story to help people get to know their brand. Amazon offers three templates for Storefronts: marquee, highlight, and product grid.

How to set up an Amazon storefront

Before we dive into the best Amazon storefronts, we’ll quickly cover how to set up your Amazon storefront.

  1. Enroll in Amazon Brand Registry: This program is for brand owners that want to register and enhance their brand on Amazon.

  1. Create your Storefront: Go to Seller Central > Storefront > Manage Stores. You can start editing your store.
  2. Design your Storefront: You can choose from the pre-design templates we mentioned earlier or a blank template. Once you select your template type, you can start building.
Marquee Style


Highlight Style


Product Grid Style



  1. Submit for approval: If you’re happy with the Storefront you created, you can submit it for approval and enable Amazon to review it.

Best Amazon Storefront examples

Now, let’s look at the best Amazon Storefront examples to help inspire your Storefront!

1. Callaway

First on our list of the best Amazon stores is Callaway. This golf retailer built an incredibly intuitive Amazon Storefront that makes it easy for users to find the golf products they need.

As soon as you visit the store, you see the brand’s logo as the cover photo, which immediately helps build brand recognition. Brand recognition is critical for earning sales because when people recognize your brand, they’re more likely to buy from you because they’re familiar with your company.



This store features organized navigation at the top that makes it easy for users to find the page that’s most relevant to their shopping needs, whether it’s golf balls or golf bags.

The home page of Callaway’s Storefront features numerous products they sell.

Why is Callaway one of the best Amazon storefront examples?

Callaway has numerous features that make it one of the best Amazon storefront examples:

  • High-quality visuals: As soon as you visit Callaway’s store, you’re greeted with numerous high-quality photos of their products. Not only do these visuals draw users in, but they give users a high-quality presentation of your products so they can see them better.
  • Organized navigation bar: Callaway’s navigation bar is organized, making it easy for shoppers to find the products they need.



2. Sperry

Next on our list of the best Amazon storefronts is Sperry. Sperry’s Storefront immediately features their product and logo at the top of the page —exciting loyal Sperry fans and engaging new shoppers.

The home page for Sperry’s Amazon Storefront features product categories like women’s and men’s and has separate categories for their popular boots. The page is very aesthetically pleasing with the page’s consistent image style and symmetrical placement.

Why is Sperry one of the best Amazon storefront examples?

Sperry is one of the best Amazon storefront examples because:

  • They use images that fit their aesthetic: As you browse through Sperry’s story, you see photos on nearly every page. Every single photo has the same warm, earthy aesthetic, which helps to reinforce Sperry’s brand across the store.
  • They organize their pages for easy browsing: Sperry’s store is easy to navigate and makes it easy for shoppers to find products. Whether you’re looking for a specific shoe style, specific gender, or both, Sperry’s store categorizes and organizes its products to make shopping easy.


3. Lego

One of the best Amazon stores that resonate with their audience is Lego. As soon as you enter Lego’s Amazon Storefront, you’re greeted by a bright graphic at the top that features their product and logo.



Lego caries its bright and bold aesthetic throughout their homepage. The Storefront also features easy-to-browse categories by allowing users to show by theme and age, or to see the newest products.

Why is Lego one of the best Amazon storefront examples?

Lego’s Storefront has numerous qualities that make it one of the best Amazon storefront examples:

  • Personalization: When you visit Lego’s homepage, they offer personalized recommendations based on your browsing behavior. This personalized touch allows people to shop faster because they can see products they’re most likely to want.



  • Audience targeting: Lego does a great job distinguishing between their child audience and adult audience and targeting them accordingly. They use their colorful color scheme to appeal to children while using a sleek black, white, and red theme to appeal to adults.



4. Adidas

Next on our list of best Amazon storefronts is Adidas. Adidas keeps their cover photo simple by using their signature black background with their white logo.



As you scroll further down the page, you’ll see numerous photos of their products that fit within their aesthetic and highlight the different categories of products they offer.

Why is Adidas one of the best Amazon storefront examples?

This Amazon Storefront design from Adidas is one of the best for two reasons:

  • Custom cover photos: If you look at the general page for each category, you’ll notice that the cover photo fits the category page. So, for example, the golf category page has a cover photo with two golfers. This feature enables shoppers to know they’re on the right page.



  • Easy to use navigation: Adidas makes it easy to shop on their Amazon Storefront. The navigation is organized and categorizes products to make it easy for shoppers to find what they need fast.



5. Beats

One of the best Amazon storefronts is Beats. As soon as you enter their store, you’re greeted by the Beats logo at the top of the page.



As you scroll further down the page, Beats highlights their different products with high-quality images. Beats shares some of its popular products and has a “Shop Now” button to accompany each product image.

Why is Beats one of the best Amazon storefront examples?

This Amazon Storefront design has two key features that make it stand out from other companies:

  • Highlighting product features: Next to each product listed on their homepage, Beats includes an image next to it that highlights the different features for each headphone type. These selling features, like long battery life, noise-canceling, and sweat resistance, show shoppers why they want to buy.



  • Interactive elements: Beats utilizes and interactive feature on their headphones product page where users can hover over the dot on the product they like and see the product listing for it. This setup creates an interactive and easy shopping experience.

6. Hydro Flask

Last on our list of best Amazon Storefront examples is Hydro Flask. When you visit their page, you’ll see their logo with a bright graphic of models using their product. This cover photo is accompanied by organized navigation that makes it easy for shoppers to find products.



As you scroll down the homepage of their Storefront, you can see numerous graphics of their products, as well as their bottles in action.

Why is Hydro Flask one of the best Amazon storefront examples?

Hydro Flask has two key components that make it one of the best Amazon storefront examples:

  • Utilization of video: At the top of the store, Hydro Flask features a video that highlights travelers using their products. This feature is great for highlighting your products while keeping your audience engaged.
  • Product features: Like Beats, Hydro Flask highlights their product features, but they take it a step further. With each product page you look at, you get a specific product highlight to see the value in each product.


Use these Amazon Storefront examples to inspire your Storefront today

If you want to make the most significant impact on Amazon’s platform, you want to build an Amazon Storefront that highlights your brand and gets your audience to browse your products. After looking at the Amazon Storefront examples we provided, you may feel inspired to start designing your store.

But if you aren’t sure where to start, WebFX is here to help.

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