The Best Affiliate Plugins That Will Speed Your Affiliate Website

Monetizing your blog may be a pain in the ass, right? That’s where the affiliate programs come in handu as well as best wordpress affiliate plugin to help you raise some money on your content.

There are plenty of affiliate programs around and even TemplateMonster has one. Among them, there are also such giants like Amazon Associates and other big players.

Once you become an affiliate program participant you may start looking for the plugins that will help you make your blog more affiliate-friendly and help you generate more sales. The main idea a best wordpress affiliate plugin is giving more flexibility to your blog's dashboard. They work as add-ons and help you optimize your blog for the affiliate content marketing.

Pushing products is not easy and, trust me, these plugins will at least make the technical side of this business easier and more pleasant for you.

Let’s review the best wordpress affiliate plugin that should help you establish a fully-functional affiliate WordPress blog. I have selected 10 top-notch plugins for you, let’s see what we have here!

Best WordPress Affiliate Plugin Thirsty Affiliates

affiliate website

This plugin will help you to hide those ugly affiliate URLs and turn them into good-looking ones with your website’s domain in them. To me, having attractive URLs is a crucial part of any affiliate blog reputation.

It also offers you the automated keyword linking and a bunch of useful importing tools to work with.

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Pretty Link Lite

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Do you want to give out the control over your links to some third-party service? No need to. There is also no need to create your own php script to do that, cause there is a Pretty Link Lite.

You will have a full list of the links in front of you and you’ll be able to manage each and every link personally.

There is also a very useful tool that gives you a possibility to replace certain keywords with the links, just tune in a few options in the Pretty Link admin panel and you’re done. Automate your marketing process and focus on your content!


affiliate website

This is my favorite plugin so far. One of my projects works with the Amazon Associates and I have experimented a lot with the content presentation. EasyAzon’s best feature for me is the ability to link the products with the actual links in the text. It means that when your website visitor stumbles upon a certain keyword in the text, this plugin offers him to buy it with your affiliate link. The showcase box looks very attractive and not annoying, it’s really cool.

WP Auto Affiliate Links

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The main purpose of this plugin is simple. You set the most important keyword pairs and WP Auto Affiliate Links inserts all the needed affiliate links into them automatically in any text on your website.

One of the best things about it is the fact that it works with all the biggest affiliate programs, such as Amazon, ClickBank, Ebay, Shareasale, Comission Junction, Walmart, Bestbuy, etc.

Amazon links engine

affiliate website

This one will help you localize your affiliate links. It means that once your customer clicks on the link, he will not only be directed to the Amazon but will be directed to a certain localized version of Amazon.

Directing your customers to the localized Amazon stores improves the conversion rate and helps you get more international sales.


iTunes link engine

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This one does absolutely the same but for another platform. It’s going to direct your customers to the correct localized versions of iTunes and App Store in case you decide to work with them.



This tool will help you convert your website visitors to subscribers as well.

It has a user-friendly form builder that will help you build effective subscription forms in a few clicks. Along with all types of pop-ups, it will help you get back the customers attention once he decides to leave your website and never come back.

Measuring the results and looking through statistics will be quite convenient and easy, so you will be able to decide whether your current approach works or not, that’s pretty damn great.

Amazon Product in a Post Plugin

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This one will help you to add an item to your post using only the product code from the Amazon store page.

You'll have access to numerous displaying options and shortcodes. With this plugin, you'll be able to build truly effective content around the product you want to push and sell among your website visitors.

Add custom reviews and descriptions along with the products and monetize your blog without any hassle.

Rel Nofollow Checkbox

affiliate website

This plugin will add a simple checkbox that will help you add the ‘nofollow’ attribute in one click.

Quite a useful thing in case you want to hide a few links from the keywords that Google will see while scanning your website.

Wrapping things up

There are plenty of different plugins for the affiliate business. However, it all depends on the program you choose. Once you have selected what kind of affiliate program you prefer, you’ll be able to look for the plugins that were developed for the certain program specifically. That will help you bring the most valuable tools to your table and work with your affiliate store or blog much more effectively.

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