Why You Need a Social Media Manager

Social media platforms have not only connected the world but everyone in the world is certainly connected to social media today. Whether you are a business owner or a client, you have undoubtedly used social media to buy, sell, advertise, market, research, or enquire about a particular product or service. And if you haven’t, then it is high time you begin.

As a business owner, social media is one of the most important communication tools that you must use to promote your brand and bring in more customers. But this is a complicated tool and needs time and attention to bring concrete results. Here are a few reasons why a social media manager is required for this task.

1. Online presence is indispensable today

No matter what you are creating, selling, or making available, your clients- current as well as potential, will want to know about it on social media. Online presence for every brand is a major responsibility today. It is disappointing for clients to look for you on social media and find that you either have no online presence or accounts that have hardly ever been updated. People trust brands that have a consistent online presence. So, it’s crucial that your business builds one too and social media managers are perfect for this task.

2. Dedicated time for updating social media

Consistent online presence certainly requires a lot of time and dedicated activity on social media management. You may not have so much time to spend on updating your social media pages or replying to client queries. If you leave the job half-done, it will hurt your brand image. Social media managers not only do this job well, but they are trained to understand how social media apps and algorithms work. They will create your account, post brand relevant content, and undertake advertising in accordance with what works best and what gives results.

3. Boosting brand engagement

Just having a social media presence on different platforms is not enough. These platforms are extremely dynamic in nature. Even the smallest activity makes big changes to the number of viewers, client responses or popularity. Hence, if you want people to know and follow your brand, you need someone in your staff who can keep them engaged.

4. Responding to customers and clients

Every business has various client engagement activities and you may not have enough time to respond to all customer queries and reviews personally. Not giving responses in time also reflects badly and customers may feel that you are not interested. A social media manager can be constantly available to chat with people and respond to queries, complaints, and reviews, creating a real-time connection with audiences.

5. Proper use of resources

Usage of social media tools and features requires in-depth understanding of the platforms and being updated with their constantly changing policies. If you don’t know what you are doing, you are wasting time, energy, and money. A social media manager is worth having on your team, so that all your online activity can bear results quickly and ensure brand progress.