St. Valentine’s Codepens – Romantic CSS Love Animation

Just a few weeks till the entire world will immerse into the romantic atmosphere of St. Valentine's Day. While millions of loving hearts are searching for the sweetest presents for their beloved ones, MonsterPost offers you to get inspired by romantic CSS love animation pens from Some of them are static, others are beautifully animated and feature impressive designs.

css love animation is an online playground for the front end side of the web. It's all about sharing, learning and getting inspired. This is the place where you can show your latest creations, find bug fixes, get feedback about your works, etc. Looking for ideas/examples of the possible design patterns for your site? CodePen is perfectly suited for the purpose.

It's always a great pleasure to watch creative people sharing their no less impressive Pens from all over the world. This gives us a unique chance to keep a close eye on contemporary trends and learn from others. All Pens that are listed below are in free access to everyone who likes to code and discover something new. So, go ahead, browse the collection, and get inspired by cool St. Valentine's CSS Pens.

Add a special atmosphere to your web project, no matter to what business field it belongs. You can adjust these creative St. Valentine's inspired elements to be displayed in different areas of your site. Display some tiny icons or bring some impressive CSS animations to the pages of your site.

Your audience will enjoy watching thematic elements displayed in different places of your site. Let your audience fee the joyous atmosphere as they browse your content. You can remove the respective elements when the celebration is over.

So, let's get straight to the showcase. For your convenience, we display examples of CSS codes and results that you can attain while implementing such elements on your site's pages.

Flowers Fly CSS Love Animation

See the Pen
Flowers Fly by Nate Wiley (@natewiley)
on CodePen.

SVG Flowers

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SVG flowers by Lea Rosema (@terabaud)
on CodePen.

Valentine Sale Shopping Animated Banners Set


Parallax right triangle usage TweenMax

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Parallax right triangle usage TweenMax by Rémi TRAN (@trinketmage)
on CodePen.

Moonlight Sparkles

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Moonlight Sparkles✨ 3D interactive sculptures by Anna the Scavenger (@ScavengerFrontend)
on CodePen.


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HummingBird loader by Christina Gorton (@cgorton)
on CodePen.

Duck Pond

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Duck Pond by BEAU.HAUS (@beauhaus)
on CodePen.

Click and Draw Flowers

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Click and draw some flowers by Pogany (@giaco)
on CodePen.

Some Flowers

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Some flowers by Gabi (@enxaneta)
on CodePen.

Valentine Day

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Valentine Day by badurski (@badurski)
on CodePen.

Falling in Love

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Falling in Love by Mark Sottek (@mark_sottek)
on CodePen.

My Valentine

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My Valentine by Angela Velasquez (@AngelaVelasquez)
on CodePen.

Be my Valentine heart, beating with css3 animations

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Be my Valentine heart, beating with css3 animations by Skippy (@Skippy)
on CodePen.

A Web Dev's Valentine

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A Web Dev's Valentine by Matt Smith (@AllThingsSmitty)
on CodePen.

CSS Favourite Button

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CSS Favourite Button by Jamie Coulter (@jcoulterdesign)
on CodePen.

Send Hearts by Kunal Varma

Twitter's Heart Full CSS by Nicolas Escoffier

CSS3 Heart by Tamer Aydn

Heart of Words by Mohammad S Jaber

Heart beat by Andrew Sims

Beating Heart - CSS and SVG animation - low poly by morkett

CSS animated heart by Brenna O'Brien

Pulsing (he)art by ZeroSpree

Heart App Concept with CSS Variables by David Khourshid

No library heart → star wave by Ana Tudor

Heart-it by Tulula Smith

Responsive Storytelling: Broken Heart by Naila Ahmad

Heart eyes by Johan Lindell

Heart grid (pure CSS love animation) by Ana Tudor

CSS Transparent Heart Outline - 1 Element by Kyle Lavery

Css love animation by Mai El-Awini

Scripted Heart by Nik

Css love animation beating heart by Greg DiPietro

For CodePen with Love by Ruslan Pivovarov

Be my Valentine heart, beating with css3 animations by Skippy

Love 101: The Introvert by Tiffany Rayside

HTML5 Canvas - Falling Hearts Background Animation by Brandon Ferioli

Heart by PinZen

Codevember Day 18 by Mai El-Awini

Don't be a Miser 😉 by Diaco M.Lotfollahi

Heart Code - Pure CSS by Karoline

Zelda Heart Container Loader by Simon Goellner

Heart by Stix

U complete Me by massimo

Happy Heart in Valentines Day by Dany Santos

So, how did you like it? Do you have your own works shared on CodePen? You are more than welcome to share links to your designs in the comments section below.

Are there other design patterns that inspire you? We are eager to watch them too 😉