Best Christmas Newsletter Templates that Convert

For so many years, Christmas remains a happy time for anyone. Families all over the globe get together to celebrate this day. However, nowadays, Christmas is not only about presents and family dinners. It is also the best time for vendors, retailers, startup owners, marketers, business people, and anyone else who wants to bigger their sales. Even if you are not planning to have a sale, Christmas newsletter templates make a simple way to remind customers about your business and promote best-selling items. All in all, some of the prospects may be looking for presents right now. Who knows, maybe your email would just call customers to action and guide them through your top-rated products.

Who Needs Premade Christmas Newsletter Templates

Premium Christmas newsletter template is a set of professionally crafted email layouts. They are pre-designed and ready-to-use so that you can quickly create a new campaign. All you need to do is to fill in the template’s section with your information. Besides, all top-rated email templates come with drag & drop builder support. It means you can use this easy editing technology to customize the template’s pages according to your taste or business style.

Christmas templates for a newsletter are suitable for all business niches, from the beauty industry to the book shop. They contain modules with ready-made content elements to create individual emails. These products are a must-have for marketers, bloggers, shop owners, and anyone else who wants to:

  • Attract more people to their business,
  • Notify regular customers about a special occasion,
  • Boost sales on Christmas,
  • Make a holiday sale, etc. 

That is why nowadays, beginners and skilled users are looking for Christmas newsletter templates for Word and HTML. How to choose between these products? View the selection below to find out the essential features you need to design a successful newsletter quickly.

10+ Top-Rated Premade Christmas Newsletter Templates


happy newletter template

Before everything else, Happy is a pre-made Christmas newsletter template with a multifunctional design. It means the product fits numerous business types, so you can use Happy for as many online projects as you want. Thanks to an extra-versatile layout, you can change the template’s design without previous site-building experience. The template meets all the current requirements and brings you a brilliant promotion without running out of the budget. Thanks to the multifunctional design, Happy fits many occasions, including the next:

  • Christmas & New Year,
  • Thanksgiving Day,
  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday;
  • End of season sale, etc.

Happy is an all-in-one solution if you want to showcase an upcoming sale, inform customers about discounts and other attractive offers. The template is easy-to-use and comes with a design perfect for eCommerce. Here is what you can see inside the Happy pack:

  • 3 multipurpose templates,
  • Responsive design;
  • MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and WordPress plugins compatibility,
  • StampReady compatibility,
  • Apple mail, Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo compatibility.


sale email template

The name of the next product already speaks for itself. Sale is a perfect tool to use for Christmas sale newsletters if you want to get prospects’ attention without losing much time. The template is compatible with Mymail and other popular plugins you may want to use, like MailChimp, StampReady, Campaign Monitor, etc. It also comes with a responsive design, making your images look classy and high-quality, no matter which device a recipient has in hands. The thing is that you have only a few seconds to get the viewer’s attention, so you simply can afford to use non-responsive layouts. People should see your goods in all their beauty without any screen limitations.

Although Sale is a sale-oriented product, it still has a multifunctional design that allows using the template for various occasions. Besides, it supports significant email clients and compatible with all well-known browsers, including:

  • Firefox,
  • IE,
  • Safari,
  • Chrome,
  • Opera.

Black Friday

black friday email template

Here is another professional newsletter template to use for Black Friday or Christmas sale. New Year discounts, and other supporting occasions. Like all the best Christmas newsletter templates, Black Friday has the next features:

  • Responsive design,
  • Cross-browser compatibility,
  • Major email clients support,
  • Campaign Monitor-readiness, etc.

However, these are not all the features to look for in the product’s pack. Black Friday contains unique modules to represent your offer in the most eye-catching way. What is more important, the template comes with a drag & drop builder access. It lets you edit the template’s design up to your taste to look 100% unique. All of these makes Black Friday an ideal solution for:

  • Marketing and promotion,
  • Blogging and creative projects,
  • Fashion and lifestyle,
  • eCommerce,
  • Season discounts,
  • Special occasion sale, etc.

Merry Christmas Newsletter Templates & Happy New Year

christmas email template

This product is simple in use and brings you numerous design possibilities in one package. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year comes with 8+ customizable templates, including:

  • Christmas offer,
  • Christmas party,
  • Christmas holiday,
  • Happy New Year, etc.

As you can see, the product is just what the doctor ordered for sales and discount seasons. It also supports background images to upload your backgrounds to make the result meet your corporate identity. All the sections are drag & drop-ready. It means users with all skill levels can:

  • Replace template sections,
  • Duplicate or delete sections,
  • Reset sections and change the default view,
  • Change main and background images,
  • Change fonts, sizes, and icons,
  • Work with links and flexible table structures. 

Another useful feature is unlimited color variations you can change in a few clicks of the mouse. Here are the characteristics of Merry Christmas & Happy New Year:

  • Clean, creative, and responsive design,
  • Drag & drop builder access for template customization,
  • Ajax support,
  • MailChimp & Campaign Monitor compatibility
  • All modern email clients compatibility,
  • Offline plain HTML templates, etc.


christmas email template

Christmas is a bright and fully customizable newsletter template you can use to create projects related to:

  • Holidays,
  • Season sales,
  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday,
  • Thanksgiving,
  • Online shopping,
  • Web gallery, etc.

It has a complete set of modules that were created, especially for today’s eCommerce needs. Bu choosing Christmas, you get access to an easy-to-use content editor that works on drag & drop. It allows redesigning the template’s layouts, replacing sections, and performing other changes to get an inimitable business promo. All you need to do is access the builder and perform changes by merely dragging and dropping the pre-made template’s elements. Among the other Christmas’ features, there are:

  • All-in-one responsive design,
  • Changeable color schemes,
  • Email clients support,
  • Crossbrowser compatibility,
  • Creative design solutions.

Merry Xmas

christmas email template

Would you like to make your business look Christmas-like this year? Then, don’t miss this professionally design Christmas template package. It offers various pre-made design solutions to choose from. There are several layouts for wishes email templates that are suitable both for personal and business purposes. When it comes to promos, the wishes templates have an easy-to-edit text field you can use to inform prospects about discount details. There are also some good-looking Christmas offers and invitation templates. Depending on the chosen template, you have such essential features as:

  • Christmas banners with sale’s details,
  • Easy-to-change typography, background, 
  • Unlimited colors,
  • Call-to-action buttons with custom links,
  • Built-in gallery to showcase your best items,
  • Product preview section + description,
  • Content hierarchy to make the mail 100% eye-friendly,
  • Star rating, 
  • Testimonials and other trendy visuals.

Christmas & New Year

christmas email template

For starters, this premade Christmas newsletter template has a creative and flexible design. It fits all holiday occasions, eCommerce, Black Friday, and other discount-related purposes. The set contains 8+ pre-styled templates for a newsletter with all the sections changeable. By purchasing this item, you get free access to a handy drag & drop builder that allows working with the next elements:

  • Sections, tables, and bars,
  • Images & backgrounds,
  • Text & icons,
  • Links,
  • Colors & sizes, etc.

Long story short, it would be easy to change any template’s detail to make it look just as you want. No need to waste time on the tiresome testing process, as Christmas & New Year is compatible with all modern browsers and major email clients. It is also compatible with all email portals and allows exporting HTML without editing the template. Besides, the product comes with offline templates for:

  • HTML,
  • MailChimp,
  • Campaign Monitor.


xmas email template

This strikingly colored newsletter template has 3 demos to choose from and covers numerous topics, including:

  • Holidays and celebration,
  • Festivals and events,
  • Fashion,
  • Travel,
  • Food and Restaurant,
  • Business and services.

As you can see, by purchasing the X-MAS set, you can create lots of projects, and you can reuse the templates as many times as you need. Unique template’s modules let you work with:

  • Email header and footer,
  • Banners and product images,
  • Best-sellers selections, 
  • CTAs,
  • Infographics with icons,
  • Testimonials.

Next to a responsive design that works in all the browsers and on all the devices, you have the files included in the set:

  • MailChimp,
  • Raw HTML,
  • Campaign Monitor,
  • Stampready,
  • Mailster,
  • Template’s guide.

Life Style

life style email template

Life Style is another modern newsletter template that is worthy of your attention. This product has a stylish design and provides ready-made solutions for those who are about to promote via email. It is eCommerce-oriented, which means Life Style has everything and anything for projects related to:

  • Beauty,
  • Fashion,
  • Gifts,
  • Discounts,
  • Sales,
  • New items promos,
  • Holidays, etc.

The template makes the right choice for beginners and users who don’t have much time creating a Christmas newsletter. Life Style would help you save your time and grab the customers’ attention with a professionally designed email campaign. It has a responsive design, plugins & browsers compatibility, and other must-haves.


topshop newsletter template

This responsive product also has a multipurpose design, which makes TopShop suitable for almost any business niche. It also covers multiple topics, including:

  • Christmas & New Year,
  • Gifts & Presents,
  • Holiday & Family,
  • Thanksgiving, 
  • St. Valentine’s Day,
  • Black Friday, etc.

And here is what you would see in the TopShop package:

  • 1 complete PSD file,
  • 5 separate HTML files,
  • 1 Raw-HTML file,
  • Builder-ready file,
  • MailChimp file,
  • Campaign Monitor file,
  • MyMail file.


big sale newsletter template

When it comes to the Holiday season sales, it is critical to let prospects view your gods anytime they want. That is why not only your web store but everything related to your business should be customer-friendly. BigSale is a multifunctional newsletter template suitable for multiple occasions, including Christmas. It comes with a 100% responsive layout to amazingly showcase your promo on any screen size. Besides, there is a Stampready builder that lets customizing template’s look in a few clicks. To sum everything up, BigSale is a responsive and multipurpose pre-made newsletter template with all the essential features inside.

Black Friday

black friday newsletter template

Suitable for sales, holidays, eCommerce, and special occasions, Black Friday is a creator-friendly newsletter template with a responsive layout. It would further the working process, as you already have all the emails pre-designed. Just select the design you like, add your custom info, and voila! As an alternative, you can change the template’s design without trouble. Black Friday is compatible with a simple drag & drop builder so that you can easily change the details, sizes, texts, backgrounds, and even the sections’ structure.


deal newsletter template

This responsive newsletter template set is compatible with Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, and StampReady builders. Although Deal is pretty easy-to-use, there will be a built-in Help document to assist you. No special skills or any other special knowledge is needed. You have everything ready-made and can rapidly change color schemes, replace sections, and perform many other changes. Here is what you get with Deal:

  • Responsiveness,
  • Crossbrowser compatibility,
  • Premium modules,
  • Drag & drop editing,
  • Email clients support.

New Year

christmas newsletter templates

Last but not least, take a quick look at this dreamy newsletter template that comes for New Year, Christmas, and other holiday occasions. This product is super-simple in use and comes with all the essential features named above, including:

  • Responsive & multipurpose design,
  • Visual editing,
  • Unique modules, etc.

Final Thoughts on Christmas Newsletter Templates

No secret, Christmas is a perfect time to boost your sales and attract new shoppers, no matter what your business is about. People are looking for presents during the holiday season. And the more prospects know about your holiday sale or special offer, the more chances you have to better sales.

Designing a professionally looking newsletter is a quick but proven way how you can grab shoppers’ attention. It used to be a slow and tedious process, but now you don’t have to do everything by hand. Try working with ready-to-use email templates so that you can focus on something more interesting than creating a promo campaign from scratch.